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How to light a garden

How to light a garden to decorate your garden with beautiful light, and certainly amazed the neighbors

Beautify your garden with beautiful light, and certainly amazed neighbors. Install the transformer. Put it on a pole, rod or outside the home, so that at the height of 30 cm and 30 cm at a distance of RCDs. If the transformer has a photocell, make sure that the place chosen by you, is not blocked from the sun, and keep off the transformer during installation. Make a waterproof cover over the socket, to protect them from storms. Connect the cables. Check the manufacturers recommendations on the packaging to determine the size - or gauge - cord you need. To connect the cable to a transformer, use pliers to remove about 2 inches of wire insulation. Then insert the bare wire into the screw at the bottom of the transformer. The wire should slip easily in certain places in the bottom of the transformer. Route the cables and arrange lighting. The first lamp should be placed about 3 feet from the transformer. Then plan the rest of the schedule lamps, leaving space between 2.5 to 3 meters, in order to obtain uniform illumination. Bury the cable. To be buried in a hole with a depth of about 7.5 cm - 15 cm, leaving a little slack to easily connect any combination of the bulb. Leave a small amount of cable, protruding above the ground, with each lamp. Replace lamps and cables. Follow manufacturers instructions to properly connect each wire. Most of the lamps is connected to a cable with two pieces connected to the surprise and snaps into place. Switch the transformer to make sure that the installation was successful. Installation of lighting. Connect each tube to the rod, protruding from the earth. In the upper part of each bar should be razed to the ground. At night, do a final check to see if you have a garden and light enough that all is well equipped. Then press the cable and port in the country at a depth of about 5 cm.

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