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How to decorate the vase with dried pieces of wood

How to decorate the vase with dried pieces of wood This is a very easy way to convert ordinary vase into eye-catching eco-work

This is a very easy way to turn an ordinary vase in the eye-catching eco-work. Project to complete a perfect early spring, it is a homecoming and spring mood immediately warmer and nicer. Pieces of dried wood with no problem, you can buy in stores or ordered materials for artists. Really worth it. Clean the vase with sandpaper on the surface is not perfectly smooth. Then, glue a better and faster catch. Then wipe with a clean vase or to get rid of any dust. Keep in mind that before you try to glue a vase must be perfectly dry. Begin wrapping from the bottom of the vase. Apply glue and wood and plaster where a nakleisz provide better connectivity. Before przykleisz Connect another piece of it to the surface to see if it will fit in this place. Remember that you have small and large patches of wood. Use them in a sealed container full. Small patches of wood to fill the place created between higher.

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