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How to prepare for painting

How to prepare for painting preparation for painting is very important

Preparing the wall for painting is very important. In this way we can be sure that the new color is the color that is visible in the paint bucket, and that the painting will not fall off the plaster from the wall. So lets take a little time to prepare the surface for painting. In this article you will find several ways to help you with this. First, plenty of space in the room to paint. Move furniture away from walls and remove all the pictures. Spread on the floor of the protective film or paper, so as not to dirty the floor. Then clean the wall with a spatula and dust begin to separate the protruding lobes of old paint or wallpaper. Do it gently so as not to do some work unnecessary holes in the wall. You can also use sandpaper or sanding with a special coating. If the wall is visible all the holes must be supplemented by fillers and extenders -. You can buy it in every store building. Mass brawl in accordance with the instructions on the box, and then fill the hole. Use a spatula to the full. When the putty dries smooth wall with sandpaper or a float, to be imposed on a separate network. That way you get rid of all the inequalities that are filling holes. These things will come into any store building. Other IEM is the foundation walls. With this operation, the color has a better grip and absorbs evenly. This mode uses less ink. For this you need to get a special coating. It should be applied to the wall by the manufacturer. When the wall is dry, you get the picture. Good luck!

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