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How to cultivate the pond

How to nurture pond Pond is a nice decoration in the garden, but you have to worry about

Pond is a nice decoration in the garden, but you have to worry about them. It is not all that difficult, you just have to remember, when you need to do. Spring If you do not have eyes, the best time for you to be founded. It was a beautiful spring plants are taken, and for years all spread out and will look nice. If you already have an eye, this is the best time to clean the pond and water. Run the filter and remove dry leaves, if you forgot about it. You can pick them up with pobieraka, or use a special vacuum cleaner, except that the pollution can also draw water from the bottom. Vacuuming will not be required prior to pumping. Algae collected by hand, unless they have a lot of it - it will be easier if you use chemical preparations. Check the tightness of the pool - during winter, for example, something might break. Summer Regularly remove dead parts of plants - in this way to avoid water pollution, and will improve the living conditions of their fish, not to mention aesthetics. In summer the water evaporates very quickly, so be sure to complement your level. Thinning the plants - they should not occupy more than 1/3 water. Autumn Furthermore, remember to remove the dead parts of plants. Clean the bottom of the tank. The decaying water plants and take the water of oxygen and prey fish that are likely to survive. In winter you can leave only hardy plants that are moving in the deepest part of the tank. Mesh nylon mesh cover that will protect them from contamination of leaves. When the temperature falls below zero, turn off electrical equipment - including a filter, because in winter the fish will not eat properly, so do not throw out the filters are not necessary -. Winter Remember, pond aeration, but in no case raised the holes in the ice. First, it will be a Sisyphean labor, because the amendments will require a daily basis, while others - narobisz noise, stress your fish and they will need more oxygen. Instead, use the buzzers aquarium. Aquarium buzzer, however, have this one mistake, it wężyku inlet air can freeze the withdrawal of water. However, it is easy to rozmrozisz pouring boiling water hose. Instead of such a water system for the air so that you can use. artificial ice holes, from polystyrene, which is located on the water. The solution was ice pump that is constantly moving water, preventing it from freezing.

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