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How to get more space in the kitchen

In order to gain more space in your kitchen The kitchen is often the place where we meet with family and friends mostly

The kitchen is often the place where we meet with family and friends the most. The place where we stay. We prepare meals together in it and eat them together. When the kitchen is well organized, pleasant time we spend in it, and cleans easily pichci. Here are some tips to make our kitchen that is exactly what it was, or was even nicer and more convenient. Dishes and utensils are always kept in one place. The most commonly used, such as wooden ladles, spoons and paddle to keep near the stove in a large container. Bottle openers and tins, grater, Colanders and graduated cylinder is placed in the tray near the place where meals are prepared. So, today will present to you some of my inspirations associated with a bath, which is not only functional, but the designer. Whether yours is a modern, tropical, and traditional work, Im sure youll find something for yourself. On the left side of the modern, no frills. Simple shapes give the style. Look at the raw tap water. Not to mention the view. The windows in the bathroom it seems to us more physical. The combination of wood with mosaic gives a very interesting effect. Do you want to put on a platform not only functional treatment, but also very tasty. This allows to introduce in all its glory. Here, however, raw, cold inside. Glass partitions is a good solution for small bathrooms. Beige shades and baths built between the two walls, next to the window. I envy the owner of the bathroom. Of course, do not forget the candles. Perfect. Under the traditional bath, but with a nice combination of wood and stop the towel. Bath in a retro style attractive surroundings. The curved legs impart a subtle flavor. The walls are white boards, combined with beige to create a village atmosphere. Table with Photo Frame is a fantastic family touch. Once when the oval-shaped, interesting shapes, then we need to show it in its full splendor, and in the bedroom! Bold ideas.

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