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Everything for my home. Feng shui, interior design and decorating, decorating styles... Advices like choosing colors for walls, furniture for bedroom or solutions for small apartments.


How to decorate a childs room

How I love to decorate the nursery childrens room

I love the childrens room. Maybe because I associate with innocence, love and great imagination. Decorating childrens rooms is an incredible challenge. Should be not only functional, but the full power and dynamics. Children grow so fast that after two years May find that their room was a bit too childish. Therefore, if youre worried that youll soon have to change the schedule, create universal. Can we get a combination of sophisticated childrens furniture from the elements. Play with color combinations and designs. And remember that moderation is an advantage: - Girls room may not be pink. What succeeds in pastel green? In my opinion, with white accessories such as blinds, lamps, door or window frame looks very tasty. By adding a crib and light wood furniture creates a cozy atmosphere. If we want childrens room has served our children for years, you might want to give up the bright colors. The following is a small room at the same time. Set on the white walls, soft furnishings and color yellow. An interesting solution is bunk, and beneath it a place on the table. We also have a classic four poster bed for our daughter. An elegant chandelier makes a small room becomes a place of magic and a very royal. Remember that there is little space for children should be clear. Below the picture quite dark space. In my opinion a big mistake. Lets enjoy life and party colors. I think everyone of us has a dream house on a tree. If you have a garden and a place, make sure you like for your children. The paint on the walls of sentences, which are guidelines for their children. Be creative. Allow your kids a little imagination, hang a field, where they can express themselves. If you have two girls the idea of ​​space for you will surely enjoy. Two white, stylized decoration in bed with a powder pink. Your daughter will feel like a princess. I love the idea of ​​table lamps in the form below turquoise chairs, then a stylized piece of wood. Calendar hung on board the color of vanilla looks like a work of art. Complementing becomes golden glow imitating slender twigs and leaves.

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