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How to sort laundry

How to sort laundry If you follow these tips for proper sorting machine to realize that its not complicated

If you follow these tips for proper sorting machine to realize that its not complicated. I say, its easier than you can imagine. It comes down to good organization. My instructions are used on in, and your life will be much easier when it comes to laundry. The precise sorting of clothes before washing. Before washing, sorting clothes for the color, fabric type and temperature. Some guys are fed to the white fever, but if you insist, you can get in practice faster than you think. The first thing to throw a white wash. Prepare a basket of washed items. If you have hair, put your clothes. Sort clothes by washing temperatures fall Whites - 40 degrees, how dirty is 60-70 degrees - Fine lingerie - 40 degrees - Colored clothing, black and other dark-colored 40 cent - Bed linen, towels, underwear - white and colored - 60 degrees - Bright childrens clothing - 50 degrees - Color Kids Clothes - 40 degrees - Bed linen and towels - 50-90 degrees - Shoes - 30 degrees White clothing. As I finished washing white clothes to throw trash and prepared to load the washing again, the next thing. Do not leave clothes in the basket. Move them somewhere where they can hang to dry - if you do not have hair - or fold and store cupboards. If you leave them on longer in the basket more and more cautious. Socks. Always make sure that you put in the washing machine and a pair of socks. So to avoid a situation in which you washed one sock and one dirty. How to remove the socks from the washing machine or dry places them side by side in pairs, just hang to dry. Fold the socks together, assuming that one to the other. Underwear. When you turn off the washing machine always puts him in a corner of the basket. In this way we will not confuse you, and you can find it quickly buried in a drawer. Dark and colorful clothes. Follow them exactly the same as white. But I always wash them separately. Hang clothes. Immediately after pulling them from the machine to carry them on hangers and hang in the bathroom or outside, depending on weather conditions. Do not leave them wet in a basket or washing machine for too long because they were very careful and can zaśmierdnąć. Pants at the edge. They also require immediate hanging. It is best if they are on the edges and hang on a hanger with clips, bottom to top. Connect the hanger clips for trousers. Shirts. Also, shirts, especially those with so-called. top shelf to wither on the shelves. Coming to the end. Wait any longer to dry clothes. Depending on where you suszysz and type of material this time may be different. Do not hide in the cabinet wet or damp clothing. Mission accomplished. Now you can pościągać dry things put together and store them in cabinets and drawers.

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