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How to make a carpet freshener

How to make a carpet freshener air freshener for carpets is very easy to do yourself, and thus save some money

Carpet freshener is very easy to do yourself, and thus save some money. Pets, food particles and other substances that occur during everyday use, can make the carpet does not smell good. You can buy a good air freshener for carpets in the store, but at home is cheaper, which is far less toxic and more environmentally friendly. You can keep it long, so no problem at some point you can do more than its quantity. Below you will find instructions on how to make your own carpet freshener. Find an old bottle with a spray or regular shaker. You can also use ordinary bottle or jar and make a hole at the bottom. Doormats are made from natural fibers may be a good place for the development of dust mites, fungi and are easily available in our house. Remove dead insects from the lamp in front of the house. Decomposing insects can cause allergies. Place the rack or clothes hanger on the door. Encourage your family and guests to remove shoes upon entering the house. ROOMS Take the dust. Always clean the bed and closets, under beds and tables. Do not forget to delete the chandeliers. Use a cloth to dust. Dry cloth only carry dust around the room. If possible, eliminate the following elements of the interior rooms: background, coffee and tea, blankets, all kinds of pens, stuffed animals. Do not allow animals in the room. Let your dog does not exceeds the threshold of his room. Wash sheets and blankets. Ventilate the quilts and pillows. Shake carpets and rugs. CABINETS Keep your clothes in a sealed plastic pokrowcach and shoes in boxes. Avoid the use of camphor balls repel moles in favor of cedar chips. Or, for a few days to put the clothes in the freezer for wymrozić moths and their spores. Sprawdź corner cabinets. It should not be wearing any kind of mold or fungus. BATHROOM Check carefully and place in bowl and make sure that no mold. Make sure the toilet was fixed on the floor very well water is not flowing. Wash the shower curtain hot water once a month. If necessary, replace the old new curtains. Do not forget to clean the shower door. Once a week in hot water to clean a bathroom rug. Moisture in the bathroom creates ideal conditions for mold growth and fungi where mat is in contact with the floor. Ventilate the bathroom after showering or bathing. Do not leave it on too wet. SALON Get rid of worn-out couch. Replace a new skin, which is not as friendly dust and other allergens. Think about buying a new carpet, shake thoroughly old, or completely withdraw from the carpet. This is a great place for the development of allergen. Sprawdź potted plants. Keep clear of leaves and flower pots. KITCHEN Store food in sealed containers. Protect yourself from the air. Once in a while to move the refrigerator and stove and clean the walls and floors. Accumulates there are many microorganisms. Sprawdź space under the sink. It often happens that the leaking pipe under the sink, which favors the growth of mold and fungus. CELLAR Browse through each square meter in the basement. Thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies. Get rid of all unnecessary things. Clean the floor under the cabinets, boxes and containers. Measure the humidity in the basement. The ratio should not exceed 50 percent.

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