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How to prepare your house for the arrival of spring

How to prepare your house for the arrival of spring comes the spring

Spring is coming. Flowers begin to show their beautiful buds. Soon winter will be unpleasant memories. If your home decor is a bit przyciężkawy and you can not forget the winter, its time to make some changes that will bring a little spring in the mood. Here are some tips on how to decorate a home for spring without spending a fortune. Begin by making a thorough housekeeping. Remove from pomieszczania everything that can be removed - ornaments, pictures, pillows, toys, books, lamps, bedding, and even the rug - great for plastic laundry baskets -. It is also a good amount of room small furniture, tables, coffee tables, chairs, benches. Most likely these things back into place, so just get them in time for the cleaning in another room. Wypucuj everything from top to bottom. Youll be surprised how quickly going clean when all things are drawn out of the room. Take a broom or dust mop with a long handle and sweep the ceiling and upper parts of walls. If you have at home decorations go up the ladder and rinse with a damp cloth. If the room has some extra shelves, shelves and fans as they wipe the moisture. Then look carefully at your wall, check for stains on them, or scratches, if we try to clean them. Other IEM will erase boards to gather them all the accumulated dust. Finally, vacuum the carpet or flooring if you wash it thoroughly. Let some fresh spring air. Open the window for a few minutes and let the room came a little air. You can also rozpryskać little air freshener, preferably with a nice fresh scent. But remember not to overdo freshener, use only what you need to get rid of the smell of winter. Now the coolest part of the fun. A critical look at the great look of the furniture in the room. Do you focus your eyes on one particular moment? Zagracają not much space? Are you setting allows you to freely move around the room? Whether their setting will not affect the functionality of the room? Even if everything is OK, I think that even you can arrange furniture will be even better and more comfortable. If you have someone who will help you to try to remake something. Elevation of all the little things out of the room is a great opportunity to experiment with larger furniture. When large pieces of furniture will be already in their seats to make room, a small, desk, coffee table, and Ottoman carpets. They are in accordance with the principle that each seating area should be the end of the table or next to the bookshelves and lamps that you could easily drink a coffee or read a non-adjustable furniture. Maybe for some unnecessary items you will need to find a place in another room. Accessories. Best reflects the mood of spring colors and patterns of nature, like flowers and grass, delicate texture. Look at your odds and ends with a critical eye and back into the room just bring a little freshness and new life. For the bright spring colors to add some items to a slightly darker color to the design content. Once again you bring in your room small things to take into account the different arrangement of them. For example, if you still keep pictures of them on the table, hung on a wall in a collage. A little more equipment. If you want to freshen up the interior is really cheap, consider sharing with friends. Most of us have at home is different jars, vases, candle holders, decorative plates, artwork, so why not replace them. Another way is to put the bouquets in vases. Database, or without Forsythia is the perfect choice for spring. A bouquet of pastel you can also decorate with a ribbon tied on the vase imaginatively.

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