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How to be a wellorganized

How to be well organized u good organization / u is half the battle

u Good organization / u This is half the battle should be well organized especially in todays pace of life If you believe you still lack the time and every action you perform is uncertain, nervous and without thinking, read the following text. Being sent to you are listed in the instructions.
u first Action Plan / u
good organization should demonstrate not only at work but at home. so start from . laying a good plan to take daily to-do list for the next day, saving hours of meetings and try to always be there on time or a little earlier - you have time for such a drink an extra cup of coffee or tea
You can also set the calendar. - also available in the computer - and write it in all important tasks and meetings that fall on the following days or months Just remember to cross out all the up to now dealt with the case - .. this way to avoid chaos
u second share tasks by priority / u
taking notes, try to share all the questions and tasks on a very urgent, important and less important. Each day start with the implementation of the most important things, and bring it to the end in silence. Then go to the next task is somewhat less important, and so
For each, the next day to achieve the desired task, try to eliminate or at least limit the activities that really serve no purpose - for example, gossiping on the phone or surfing the Internet -.
u 3 Do not put off important things to later / u
If you got an important job to do, do not come on immediately. Do not waste time going back on topic just do everything on the fly, also in terms of household chores like washing machine or dishwasher.
Keep seafront fourth row in the workplace and at home / u
Good organization is to keep order around them. Each item should have its place, because to lose your way and you will not be able to function with ease So organize your workspace -. order on the desktop or on your desk job much easier -. Also, in the house - do not keep unnecessary trinkets and cards with outdated papers
. u 5 Be diligent and accurate / u
Each task is performed with full devotion eventually attempt to anything at this point does not interfere with your work -. planning colleagues to have an urgent project to complete, and some time for them to be available -.
Do not rush, because it is not difficult to make a mistake and certainly would not want to return again to the same case, where she worked long enough
u 6 Consider. About Me / u
organize the world around them, do not forget about the everyday human needs. From time to time to take a short break between tasks. Straighten your bones, some fresh air, take a sandwich and drink tea / coffee.
come to work feeling refreshed - get a daily minimum of seven hours of peaceful sleep -. healthy diet and lots of movement, and remember that organized people are living a lot easier and smoother ..

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