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How to resolve conflicts at work

How to resolve conflicts at work very hard to avoid conflicts, especially when working in a large organization, but you can try different ways to solve them

very difficult to avoid conflicts, especially when working in a large organization, but you can try different ways to solve them Its not easy when each party feels that their case is right there are methods that allow you to find and eliminate causes of disputes. Others, however, help to withdraw or to forget about the conflict.
u Avoidance / u
best solution is to break contact with the person of the conflict, but unfortunately it does not lead to complete resolution of the dispute.
emotionally weak people will want to withdraw from the conflict, stopping to take any tests to solve the problem.
If balanced forces, recognize conflict as a non-existent.
If you have a sense of superiority over others will try to dominate the weaker parties to the dispute by imposing their sentences, and differs from the real reason. So just avoid solving the problem.
u succumbing / u
is most commonly known method, which involves the use of higher professional positions. continuously subjecting such persons and does not lead to avoidance of conflict. Rather, the person performing the strong side, sacrificing their own interests and needs can lead to worsening or emergence of new conflicts. This procedure can be expected mainly in people-oriented positive relationships with peers and allows you to quickly determine the root cause of conflict working together parties to the dispute may together to find the best solution to the conflict and eliminate its causes. constructive resolution of disputes lies in reaching an agreement with the behavior of themselves and other parties to the conflict.

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