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How to write a biography

How to Write a CV CV u Shortcut / u comes from the Latin seafront Resume / u and the mean flow of life

Shortcut u cv / u comes from the Latin seafront Resume / u, and indicates the flow of life, it is a form of professional resume seafront / u, whose task is encouraged. People who read that We call for an interview. CV should be written in a computer-readable font and printed on white A4 paper and the information contained in this document is designed to provide employers important information about us. So, how to write a resume properly?
Begin laying scheme or each point by which to supplement the information they include.
u Personal Information / u
This section should contain the following information: Name Date of Birth Place
,. home phone e-mail / ul
u Education / u Completed course
chronologcznie school, but starting from a young age Do not put your primary or secondary school, when we finished. Research Fact end High-ties - the university should be described as follows:
name of university, college, department, specialty, and perhaps - if it has anything to do with the position, enter a title for the work - Date of completion or, alternatively, the planned date for the defense then ended. courses and training practices at the end of the school - where, when and in what capacity the end - / ul
u Experience / u
At this point, we maintain a similar chronology as above shall include the following:
Position Summary Company Name description of duties and accomplishments to the beginning and possibly the end of the / ul
u Additional activities / u
At this stage, we can be proud of, for example, working for various organizations or associations and participation in competitions
seafront skills and qualifications / u
are an important element of a professional resume should contain information on:.
foreign language - the level of knowledge in speech and writing, as well as certificates or diplomas to get a computer - that is, , programs that can carry a drivers license - additional powers have categories such as: teaching, surveying, etc. It should reflect the ability to work as a character for which you are applying for / ul
. to Points of Interest / u
if we want to make a good impression on a potential employer may also indicate our interests and hobbies. However, keep in mind that the information is indistinguishable from reality, because the caller you want May to exchange views with our topic
in Remember: .. / u
employer has no right to request information from us regarding our marital status, the fact is that children, social background, religion
If the resume is attached to ... the picture, put it in the upper right hand corner or bound with wire to scan and print a document with images to legitimize format
cv footer should find a clause of consent to the processing of personal data for employment purposes, which is consent to the processing of personal data carried out the recruitment process in accordance with the Law 29.08.1997 Protection of Personal Data - OJ No 133, item 883 - .. / em
U Additional information: / u cv
the spelling errors are unacceptable, and stylistic typographical errors, we maintain a clear distinction between the most important themes and bold Avoid vague information, publishing false information, describing the family problems, and thank you ... / ul

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