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How to become an au pair

How to become an Au Pair Au Pair u / u is a program of employment of foreigners, in which participants receive free room and board, pocket money, and sometimes the host families, in exchange, to take care of children and do some housework

u Au Pair / u is a program of employment of foreigners, in which participants receive free room and board, pocket money, and sometimes the host families, in exchange, to take care of children and do some work home.
u Au Pair / u commonly used by young women, but not only. from year to year can be seen growing interest from boys, who also want to see yourself as a child carer. aim of the visit Au Pair above all, learning a foreign language and cultural knowledge of the country.
Being an au pair must meet certain pre-conditions that vary depending on the country you want to go. following description requires the state to enjoy the most popular au pair program.
in USA / u
women age 18 to 26 years for men 21-26 years.
Candidates must have completed high school, has a good knowledge of English, with proven experience in the treatment of children - are welcomed references - if you have good health - including the lack of dependence -; have an international driving license, be adapted to study the English language and American culture. / ul
length of stay is four months during the holidays, and 12 months, renewable for the second year.
u England and Ireland / u
age candidate must be between 18 and 30. life
nanny can also be a person.
have professional training or secondary , speaks English communication skills, a drivers license and driving experience - welcome - / ul
stay may be in the range of 6-12 months, taking a break lasting at least 3 months - from late May to 15 July each year -.
u Germany / u
ideal candidate is between 18 and 25 years and has a professional or high school. person who wants to go to Germany under the au pair must know the German language and communicative. welcome to have a driving license B categories / ul Stay
could range from 6-12 months during the summer it is possible to go from the end of May to 15 July
u France and Austria / u
Age of candidates is 18 - 27 years ...
au pair has a chance to be a person.
a vocational education or secondary education, have knowledge of French / German in communicative, have a drivers license - welcome - / ul
room in these countries - the au pair - can last from 6-12 months and holiday trips at least 3 months
u Italy / u
person who wants to be the guardian of the child in this country can not be less than 18 and no. more than 28 years.
prerequisite knowledge of Italian language in communication and English language very well. welcome to have a category B driving license and driving experience. / ul
Au Pair program is possible to remain in a period of 6-12 months and rest for at least 3 months.
u Spain / u
au pair can be a person aged between 18 and 26 years of age.
A candidate for a guardian for the child must have a proper education - vocational education - and to know the Spanish language or communicate in English at an advanced level, another plus has a license category B. / ul
stay may be between 6 to 12 months, and during the summer at least 2 or 3 months.
u Netherlands / u
most suitable person for the au pair is what is in the age group between 18 and 25 years.
In addition, candidates must meet the following requirements:.
have secondary or vocational training, I know the Dutch language and in English in communicative / ul
stay lasts from 6-12 months, while taking in which at least 3 or 4 months.
u Denmark / u
has an ideal candidate for an au pair in Denmark:
aged 18-28 years, or vocational education, knowledge of the Danish language at a basic level of English or have very well experienced in car - drivers license are welcome - .. / ul
stays under an au pair is from 6-12 months
u Norway and Sweden / u
suitable candidate is the age of 18-29 years
Other requirements: ..
or vocational education, knowledge of Norwegian / Swedish or basic level of English is very good welcome your driving license B. / ul
Au Pair program covers a period of 6-12 months
seafront Additional requirements -. regardless of the country -. / u From an au pair is expected to accept the discipline and customs prevailing in the family situation needs to be a maid or a bachelor and a lack of ownership of their children. In addition, guardians should have a good state of health, responsibility, and psychological maturity. Responsibilities nanny nanny to look primarily at children, but also help in household chores, which include include:
washing, dressing and feeding of children playing, walking, reading stories and learning support, drainage and bringing kids / from nursery or school, help with household chores such as vacuuming, washing and ironing roles and responsibilities. are different depending on the needs of families. / ul
generally accepted that caregivers of children not should do heavy housework or take overall responsibility for the household economy.
seafront formalities / u
If youre completely confident in foreign travel as an au pair, please contact the office who is a member of the International Au Pair Association IAPA - The International Au Pair Association.
candidate receives a set of forms from the office, or: ..
first administration fills in the appropriate language - a condition in which they select -
2 two types of child care references to issues by parents of children who are under the supervision of a candidate reference should be translated into the Polish language in the text where they prepare all the documents.
third opinion on a candidate, he should make an employer, teacher or priest. opinion should also be translated into foreign language.
4 health certificate issued by a physician contact, allowing for more or go abroad kilkunastomiesięczny certificate must not be older than 3 months and must be translated into the language of their country
u These documents are usually the are needed. / u
1 In a letter addressed to your host family, written in the language in which all documents are prepared. should describe yourself, your family, interests and experience in caring for children. letter should be hand written on white paper, and should take about 2 pages of A4.
2 passport photos and passport.
3 color photographs of candidates, while playing with children, meet with family or friends.
4 Translated certificates completion of vocational schools, secondary or higher education.
. 5 certificates of completion of language school Language courses or a certificate of language
six copies of passport with photo ID or copy of a copy of the license
seventh -. if you have -.
8 All other certifications, certificates and opinions about experiences in caring for children and other skills acquired.
In most countries there is no obligation to use the services of an au pair agency, a suitable family can be found on your own. exception is United States just because some agencies may apply for a J-1 visa, which allows you to stay in the U.S. under the Au Pair.

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