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How to write an application

How to write a petition u Administration / u is one of the most popular forms of written, in which we turn to the specific request of the person or institution

u Management / u is one of the most popular forms of written, in which we turn to the specific request of the person or institution It is our request will be considered depending on the nature of the request, its reasons in the form letters.
u should appear correctly written statement / u
If a party does not require that we provide to the manuscript, it is best to make an application on your computer. In such a case. that the minimum spacing between the lines - 1, 5 items
However, no matter whether we write or shake hands on the computer, the text layout is always the same, namely:
u our personal information. / u
in the upper left corner we present the following information: name and address in the line below or mailing a check for a phone number or e-mail
u Place and date / u
In the upper right corner is the place to place and date, eg: Wroclaw of 05/30/11, the name of the month if you write the words, correct spelling is: May 30, not May 30
. the recipient / u - could it be an individual, company, school , bank, cooperative housing, office, etc. -
under city and date shall bear the name of the recipient, to whom we provide - usually on the right side of the magazine. If you share the name, remember names and degrees to which a person has. also You can add a greeting to my dear, but this practice is rare. Addressing gives companies and institutions, we write the full name of the institution and its address management
u Text / u -. should include greeting, request, justification, and thanks -
start with a salutation, which should be under the recipients name - on the left. For example, we use the phrase: Dear Sir, Madam Director, etc.
properly written application consists of three paragraphs - indented in the text - The first movement begins to describe the requirement, to which we turn to the recipient, for example. S. .. In this connection, please ask ... etc.
following paragraph should include the motivation of our requirements of this section gives several reasons that we sent an invitation letter -. it could be caused by something such as hard for us, or even contrary .. the advantage is also worth mentioning the potential benefits for the recipient, which could result from a positive review requests
The third and final paragraph, thank you for your favorable consideration of the application, such as: Thanks in advance for favorable consideration my application / request I
u Completion and signature / u
Podanie complete return of respect - .. right side of writing and signature below If the request is write on a computer we do not have, but we can write your full name and. hand printed sign
seafront a few extra tips: / u No matter if we write an application on your computer or by hand - the document must be clean, neat and niepognieciony - podaniowym written on A4 paper. text itself should be a program and arguments presented in its kind. Otherwise, we met with negative response. If possible, it is better to mention the benefits of positive tested is not given to us, but for recipients. If you want to give add attachments, such as a biography, a personal questionnaire, photocopies of certificates from the school / workshops, photos and a list of signatures of residents of the estate, it is below the signature line of enclosures and password, we present the first list in return.

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