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How to fight against abuse in the workplace

How to fight against abuse in the workplace, according to the Labor Law u Apostolovski / u means activity or conduct against an employee or employees, which consists of persistent and prolonged harassment or intimidation of staff, which causing his low opinion of the professional life, causing or intended to humiliate or ridicule of employees, to isolate and remove him from the team associates / em

According to the Labor Law u Apostolovski / u means activity or conduct against an employee or employees, which consists of persistent and prolonged harassment or intimidation of staff, causing a low opinion of his professional life, making. or intended to humiliate or ridicule staff, isolate or eliminate it from the team associates / em
the above definition of abuse must be so persistent and lengthy process - similar situations must be repeated regularly for a long time .. Single incidents can not be considered as bullying
u mobbing most commonly used techniques include the following activities: / u
suppressing freedom of speech - eg disruption, ridicule, criticism, intimidation, use of derogatory gestures, etc. -;
weakening of social ties - for example, the prohibition of contact with other employees -;
Reducing employee reputation - among other things, challenged the decision, ridicule, or to propose a mental illness -;
undermine professional positions - for example, : over charging duties or receive before the commissioned works -;
pressing adverse health effects - for example, refers to work that presents a health worker -
u Harassment / u can be vertically - diagonal - which consists in the fact that mobber and mobbing are at different levels in the hierarchy of relations, it is usually an employer-employee relationship or the level of characters - simple - in which there is no subordination of both mobber mafia and at the same level, the employee, the employee relationship.
u To combat violence / u
Parliament asks the employer to prevent abuse. the employer should follow the steps for the prevention u antymobbingowej / u, which includes among other things: a clear and fair process for parting with employees, creating rules on the establishment of proper operation and compliance with its guidelines and to work out how best to evaluate employees and legible rules for the promotion of events such activity is to provide information to employees about bullying -. and the effects - and required to report cases of suspected occurrence of this phenomenon
antymobbingowego Another aspect of the procedure. Monitoring actions u / u. In the case of bullying, it is important that the employer has given assistance to victims, for example, by providing psychotherapeutic care. Employer also should take steps to eliminate this phenomenon in the future. If an employee submits a complaint, employers are responsible for establishing antymobbingowej, explaining the merits of the complaint the Commission should be impartial in nature -. in its composition should sit representatives of employers and employees -. Commissions task to analyze the evidence contained in the complaint, hearing the parties, to clarify the problem and decide whether the complaint is justified and should bear the consequences u mobber / u
If as a result of bullying used, the employee suffered a medical condition -. certified medical opinion - it can happen in the way of action before the Labour Court, redress for wrongs suffered, if however, the bullying, dissolved the contract, shall be entitled to compensation from the employer not less than the minimum wage and a statement of employees on termination of employment -. and must give notice and without - the fault of the employer - must be in writing and contain a statement of specific actions and behaviors in relation to employees, who are likely to be classified as bullying during the employee must show that they are applied to the mobbing practices -. that the burden of proof. greatest value in such cases have the testimony of witnesses.
u Where to find help? / u
employee who believes that in relation to the employer or colleagues to use violence can seek help National Labour Inspectorate u / u.
natural allies mobbingowanych unions u / u, whose main task is to implement the employer of workers rights. If the intervention of trade unions do not produce the expected results, the objections that can be used in court work on their claims against the employer.
In order to protect the rights of association mobbingowanych arise seafront / u for advice and the necessary psychological and legal assistance. Various forms of psychotherapy complemented with sports are intended: .. treat depression and restore confidence and creativity.

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