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When I go to work?

When I go to work u decision to change jobs can lead to different causes

u Decision to change jobs can lead to different causes no chance for advancement or too low wages force is not one of us on this difficult decision when you should consider resigning These are just some.? Reasons. / u
u low salaries / u
most common reason for changing jobs if you think your salary is inadequate to the responsibilities and skills, you should consider changing jobs soon. you do, you May To speak with a manager about a possible increase or even a bonus.
u Zero chance for advancement and professional development / u
This usually happens in small companies that perform routine tasks. But, if you set for new challenges and deepen your skills and see if the company does not guarantee nor adequate training or go to the next level - you have limited opportunities for professional development and standing At this point you have to think whether it is worth. to spend on such employer.
u A lack of organizational culture / u
In every society there are defined organizational culture as an influence on the atmosphere. If you have problems adapting to the applicable rules or bothering you too rigid atmosphere, it can change the environment and the same work.
to change in working conditions / u
For this reason, it leaves many workers. because not everyone can adapt to changes in working hours, or even worse, to change the place of business, often accompanied by relocating to another city. Such changes cause human insecurity, which after all depends on each worker. If your company often introduces similar changes, you May want to change employers.
U Lack of adequate working tools / u
each employee to perform his duties honestly, I have to work tools, such as:. car, computer, telephone, stationery None of these tools, or defect prevents the proper execution of their tasks. If this happens in your company to the infamous and any request for repair or buy new keyboard meets with head of ignorance, consider whether it is worthwhile so on.
u toxic boss / u Continuous
claims, malicious comments and unfair treatment from the supervisor should be a warning signal before any decision , take into account what is wrong. if the situation is difficult because of the nature of the head or maybe in your behavior is what caused it If you have absolutely nothing to reproach -. accurately and reliably perform their duties - and I believe that there is no point in further cooperation, look for another job before you completely lose your nerves and health
u But before you make any. decision to leave the job, think again quietly Remember that your knowledge of the organizational culture that can take up to three years - .. What is the number needed to adapt to the prevailing rules and become fully productive employee addition, employers do not like jumpers. so - people who frequently change jobs - even after several recorders in 2-3 years - taken into account before Im going to say / u.

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