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How to criticize, not to be criticized

How to criticize, not to be criticized u criticism may relate to different areas, m

u criticism can apply to different areas, including: science - scientific criticism -, - critics matter of factual accuracy - or methods - methodological critique -
/ U
. In You must know how to criticize ... / u
Constructive criticism is uttered casually, without malice, malice, irony or desire to change people -. important target of the criticism of each sentence should be a lot of nouns and verbs, and as a few adjectives, and after the speech, criticism needs to know what is expected of him, So.
criticism, but earlier praise or compliment - so that the caller will be ready to accept and understand the charges against him, will focus its attention. primarily on facts, not emotions related to appreciate every effort to work towards achieving the goal of criticism of the fact / phenomenon, not a person - criticizing something, suggest a failure in the performance or behavior, not personality flaws of a man, critics can not wait - according to the principle of better late than never, you need to send your comments directly to the situation - then the criticism may lose its meaning, can also be a lot of confusion, criticism without witnesses -. no one can point out errors in the ensemble, which is very awkward situation for the criticism that feels humiliated and stigmatized Doing good is good for nothing, with a hint of criticism of friendship - it is valid until the end of his words. I am glad to have found a solution to the problem, criticized, etc. motivate change and understand the benefits that go with it a mistake, and statement such as:. you got for it, and now back to work / ul
u ... and how to take criticism / u
! .. During the debate on the appeal, keep the peace, distance to the case and listen carefully to what he has to say criticize addition, you should.
look into the eyes of the caller, do not change the subject, do not criticize the person who utters a word of criticism, not krytykujÄ…cemu say that is too sensitive , do not tease with people expressing criticism, do not assign krytykujÄ…cemu words not spoken, at the end of the conversation, to express the understanding provided by criticizing words. / ul
u Constructive criticism can only help change for the better often as others see what we can see - .. can quickly move from errors Responding to criticism, you should talk openly about their feelings and observations, and refraining from criticizing assessment . / u

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