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How to use body language when dealing with other people

How to use body language in relations with other people u often do not appreciate the body language, and has absolute priority over words

u often fail to appreciate the body language, and has absolute priority over the words of the signals sent by our body are a reflection of that situation, and attitudes towards other people / U
..? In proper use of body language in their relations with others here are the instructions: / u
u eye / u
Always maintain eye contact with others - especially anything to the conversation, but check if the recipient to listen to what they say looks too intense -. staring -. can just scare people is important to practice maintaining eye contact, although in the beginning certainly will not. easy
u with a smile on your face / u
can not take everything seriously, and are still gloomy face - from time to time to relax, to smile and laugh when someone says something. funny to familiarize yourself with someone, be gentle smile - a smile. from ear to ear In such a situation is highly inappropriate and can be viewed as a fake land is a positive attitude and openness towards people
u Controlled proximity . / u
better not to approach too close to the caller -. everyone appreciates the personal space and its injury may force a man to confusion and frustration Similarly, when the slope over someone - a person should be interested in talking to tilt slightly in the caller side, but in the case of relaxation and confidence - gently folded back too strong deflection can be perceived as a sign that its distance
u relaxed Silhouette / u
arms .. the stiff shoulders, crossed arms and legs - it is an attitude that shows a willingness to fence off from the surrounding area should therefore sit up straight, keep your hands in the open position, a little lift and move to the back of his shoulder gently lift your head up - .. do not watch the whole time on earth - ..! and eyes focused on the horizon in any case should not touch your face, because such a gesture was an expression of frustration
seafront hands to yourself / u
misuse of arms can be very confusing, so you must be able to control them you should not make nervous movements -. swing arm -., tapping his fingers on the table or touch the His face Instead, use your hands if you want to communicate or highlight something important
. u Why rush? / u
applies from time to time to slow down, and in every situation. person performing the slower movements, walking and reacts only slowly and seems to be quieter. Proceeding in a similar way, you can reduce stress and feel more confidence in myself.
u To effectively use body language when dealing with others, we realized these points step by step . Once you learn one or two, you can go on. subsequent effects behavior certainly did not come immediately, but can not dispose of the initial failure - you have to try until it succeeds / u.

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