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How to become a volunteer of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Auctions ?

How to become a volunteer of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

u On 8 January 2012 00:00 AM - 24:00 will take place in the finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas XX Charity - join in the action and become a Volunteer Foundation / U
. As in previous years, in many Polish cities rise again involved in the local bars of finite local organizations. u If you want to volunteer ends, you must accept the principles on which the staff that works in your town. / u He will watch over the distribution of the survey, badges , cans kwestarskich and heart also count with money collected from you.
u collection will be able to conduct operations in the region of Staff, one of which is named and can be of kwestarską. / u The Rules of volunteers started , to exchange - during the collection - filled with new cans - empty, local staff Keep in mind that it can collect on the streets of cities, towns and villages - to raise money .. not knocking on the door seafront Great Orchestra of Christmas Love volunteers never come in housing or raise the money to draw on other days. / u
During collection, you will take care not to damage the protective band kwestarską box. You will have the right to open or extract its contents u sealed box would have to pass within 48 hours of payment / u - .. in place and terms of Staff After careful content per box, youll know if it is picked up and the settlement document . the sum of money collected pokwitujesz own signature to a brief statement of Staff. Settlement Volunteers / u
Auctions as a volunteer should behave ethically and friendly towards people u Keep in mind that the action is voluntary and no. no obligation to put money in your box - can not ask / u If you do not have gather strength during the day, just give the collection and brought in a sealed box for staff
Kwestując, think about their safety .. First of all, do not collect the money yourself, make sure that next to you at any time was at least one person in If you are under 16 years - .. will have to collect under the supervision of adults / u The Rules of volunteers XX Final Great Orchestra of Christmas charity -. Volunteers minors of 16 years kwestują only if accompanied by an adult, and specifically authorized by the Foundation / em Each adult volunteer and a person authorized to care for minor Volunteer fully responsible for their actions
seafront To become a volunteer Auctions -. staff look into his village quickest way to do it Internet -. full list of staff is available at / u / finishing / lista_sztabow - you will find there. list of national staff, the list of foreign personnel, closed list of events and list of fixed collection box -
To learn more about the volunteers, but also Gocce Foundation, visit http://

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