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How to be charismatic

How to be a charismatic man with charisma u acts like a magnet

u man charisma works like a magnet - .. It attracts people who want to stay with him, but I feel that it depends on them Here are tips on how to be charismatic / U

Be Smiling b / b a positive attitude is closely connected with a smile - of course, you do not need to laugh all the time - and makes the people around you feel better - enthusiasm is contagious. When such a person does not can complain and focus on the bad things. charismatic man is automatically considered by others as a person should be.
b Be open and interested in / b
People often want to have someone to listen no condemnation to show interest in them - .. curiosity eventually become a natural part of you I listen to people, no matter who he is, keep eye contact with her, but does not seem too persistent. When people see that you really listen to them, they become more interesting.
b Be trustworthy / b Do not think too much about what others say and think about you - as a concerned and acting under the influence of these thoughts, you will be honest and do not show the true self more confidence you have, the less you the fear and worry what other people think about you you can not control the reactions of others in their words or deeds .. you should do something because you want to, not because -. you think is right and take full responsibility for it
b u be bold / u. / b charismatic people often do things that others would never have won, because they lack courage. man with charisma often make decisions even when several people comes to the choice of such a specific place, etc. People need leadership and courage is one of its features.
b be persistent / b You need to show others how you want to be treated. Yes, you can still be polite but you have to talk about their needs. Very often people who want the approval of others, whether in the end. you have a big impact on how people see you, and relate to you. You must be a leader, but it need not be formal leadership.
Be sure b / b does not become a charismatic person, if you do not have confidence. This feature will attract other people to you, but first you have to deal with his anxiety If you are successful, you will automatically understand the problems of others - . you will be confident enough to refer to them with respect, and striving for your goals It is just that -. charismatic person is the purpose, I know that I live with purpose, you must strive to achieve in spite of various difficulties
u for This position will be admired by the environment - .. looking at you, others will want to learn to learn, knowing that such person is successful. / u

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