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Why invest in training?

Why invest in employee training u In an era of constant change, employee training are the real cure for the fear of the news

u In an era of constant change, employee training are the real cure for the fear of the latest investment policies in the training of personnel is also important for the organizations external image / U
.. b Employee training : / b
improve the quality of work and maintain a professional level jobs skilled worker can increase the quantity and quality of their performance, and reduce the number of errors, allows to gain practical skills and use. already earned experience, to improve identification of persons with firm understanding of your strategy and your goals, develop the management skills of managerial staff, resulting in greater employee motivation and productivity, often seen as a form of reward and recognition - in this case also acts as a motivational and can be important in retaining employees. Training is an alternative to layoffs and hiring new workers. / ul
u knowledge gained through training helps employees to watch from a distance on their work and daily activities and enrich the resources of expertise and ability to be more and more difficult challenges / u
in a training is closely linked with the functioning of motivation in favor of employers - .. actually reduces the risk of losing employees, in which the company invested / u

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