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How to use the services of an academic career office

How to use the services of an academic career office seafront academic careers offices operate in the same manner as the training agency or employment agency

seafront academic careers offices operate in the same way as for training and employment services agency offering a wide range of services related to the research work of students and alumni, and others who need help in this regard, these services are .. free. / u
offices associated with the national office of Career Network must meet certain standards for their work. Here are tips on how to use the Career Services office and what you can expect from them.
in Academic Career Services Office / u is a unit, through which definitely interested in buying group has the opportunity to learn techniques of self-representation and a source of attractive job offers, as well as the creation of application documents - including a CV and cover letter -.
b u primary goal of the Office of Career Services is the mobilization of labor and education of students and alumni This goal is achieved through:. / u / b
provide information about the changes taking place in the local labor market, information on opportunities to improve educational and professional qualifications, establish and maintain contacts with employers - the collection of information on companies that operate in local and regional markets, organization of lectures at universities, raising the interesting job offers -, cooperation with local and regional institutions that deal with job - organize meetings with representatives of these institutions, organizing training courses and presentations, raising an interesting job offers - .. / ul
u academic career Edit / u activation group is organizing workshops for students and graduates the course of these meetings, if To learn more about: the preparation of application documents, interview preparation, active job search methods and plan their careers In addition, these meetings provide an opportunity to perform skills such as: .. communication, creativity, and struggle with the stress of this workshop exercises and tests, You know your capabilities and abilities
Career Office will notify its customers -. they keep their base -. the creation of new jobs, internships and work placements, as well as courses, conferences, and various social activities on the website you will find yourself Office jobs - everything comes from employers who work in universities are often organized by the university job fairs and invite employers from industry relating to the directions
u education students to work during the study allows not only to expand the skills and knowledge, but .. First of all, allows you to find a future place of work - after completing their education / u.

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