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Occupation groomer how to become dog barber

Occupation groomer

u groomer is a person dedicated to caring for animals, especially dogs and cats here are tips on how to become dog barber / U b
be dog hair to be done .. Grooming Course . / b In our country, grooming courses are mainly organized by the owners of the largest animal care salons. student of the dog breeding and selection rules for the care and cosmetics for the hair structure and skin type dog. familiar with the tools that are used in salon and cosmetics on the market. training program includes the basics of animal psychology, in particular, to predict and prevent aggressive behavior of dogs during brushing.
however, the most important practical lessons that enable next groomer work under supervision of experienced colleagues .... It is important that each student had his dog harder to achieve, of course, better prepared to perform after graduating from the groomer, you should do an internship at a reputable salon animal care
specialized courses is one thing; set of attributes and skills that should have good groomer, the second Key is manipulative skills and aesthetic sense, and self-control, patience and love for animals Bear in mind that also occur in the living room, the torture of dogs are often aggressive - .. then knowledge and appropriate access for pets is very important BR b groomer tasks include in particular: .. / b
seafront swimming dogs / u - standard service baths are used in cosmetics designed specifically for animals. u combing hair / u - the procedure is necessary to achieve the perfect hairstyle This is necessary especially for long haired dogs, u porn / u - must be in accordance with the standards of the International Federation of NCO, which contain an accurate description of the characteristics of dog breeds There is a possibility Cutting mongrel dogs; u Circumcision / u - treatment is the removal of a dead dogs hair - it improves the quality and the colors used in the case of dogs szorstkowłosych; .. brushing / u

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