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How to choose the most preferred in the Dominican Republic

How to choose the most preferred in the Dominican Republic u

u - if you have nowhere to sleep on the spot / u, I recommend this site:
u / u Most of the options , then it is. buy a ticket from Warsaw to New York - Zl of 790 plus airport taxes - and then a map of New York-Santo Domingo - costs about $ 400 in airport taxes -. through this website you can also book hotels and car example. 14-day stay at the hotel in the Dominican Republic with the possibility of all-inclusive plus a flight from New York to Santo Domingo will be around 1600 USD
u b -. If you need accommodation on the site / u, then convenient and cheaper to buy the whole journey in a travel agency, for example, TV Travel, which specializes in trips to the Dominican Republic. stay of 15 days is the price of order zl 4000 together with the option of all inclusive.

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