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How to travel cheaper by train

. How to travel cheaper by train Holidays are the time traveling Poland

Holidays are the time traveling across the country recommend, as it can be cheaper to travel by train KB
60 gold you can train to go around Polish If you buy a ticket online, you can go cheaper Four people who are going ... in the same direction, will pay less to travel to third. Today we will write about what the station did not tell you if you do not ask.
range of promotions and special offers, which lures the train passengers, all the spreads .. Unfortunately, that can travel cheaper, they know just why, we present the most interesting suggestions offered by two companies PKP PR and PKP Intercity Promotions insist on tickets at the box office
more and more passengers to use the tender certificates for multiple trips ..: Regio tickets, tickets, tickets and 5-ka-ka Lucky 13 smaller and larger groups of passengers, depending on the size, all are opting for bids: .. You and One time Two-three, family rides and group rides
free to travel the country / em
u tourist ticket. / u This is probably the best promotion, well get the train from the regional offices. entitles you to unlimited rides in a class 2 or 1 passenger trains and express trains cost 60 zloty in the second grade gold and 80 in the first class. We can travel on it from Friday evening until Monday morning. It is enough to travel across country by train. In addition, taking advantage of this offer, we can get to several cities in Germany and the Czech Republic.
u you and one to two-three. / u This latest offering in Train PKP PR. It is designed for those who are in the same class of employment and travel in the company of one, two or three people. Perfect on a plot of friends who go on holiday together. first person who buys a ticket for a normal, others are cheaper by about one-third of the price.
u Regio tickets. / u This ticket for multiple trips PKP PR trains in three arbitrary number of days in two consecutive months from date of purchase. This offer is good for people who know where they went, for example, training or business meetings. promotion can be used by anyone, relief in this case does not apply.
summer full of hot promotions / em
cucumber season in PKP Regional Services can not talk. It is for this season of hot promotions. latest is perfect for sunbathers.
of 21 CE. You can buy individual tickets to view tickets promotion you can use it if you plan to travel, see: .. Slupsk - Ustka or Calendar - Leba First, the price will be 3 zl, another 4 zł also relieved Offer valid in cars ... 2nd class passenger trains and fast trains
15 June PKP PR enrich other existing in Pomerania -. combination of great price will appear in the eight new routes, such as Kolobrzeg - Trzebiatów - 4 zl -, Slawno - Darłowo - 3 zl - and Koszalin - Slawno - 5 zl -. all the time, will benefit from a trip to Szczecin to Swinoujscie - 13 zl -, Kamien Pomorski - 9 zl - and Trzebiatowa - 12 zł - like traveling in between. Koszalin and Kolobrzeg - 6 zl - This is true in the second the class trains
complete catalog of regional products. Bit City in Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Świętokrzyskie ticket, integrated ticket in Krakow, ticket Carpathian Kolbuszowa, promotion of Bytom - Gliwice and one zone tickets on selected routes in Western Pomerania and Podlasie.
bike and rail / em
summer, almost all long-haul regional trains of wagons are equipped to transport bicycles. price is only 4.5 gold, regardless of distance. This means that the same pay for the transport of bicycles Zgorzelec to Wroclaw to Przemysl. bicycle transportation in the suburban trains cost 9 gold.
family uneven Family / em
PKP PR and IR are also discounts for families. Both deals, however, differ significantly from each other. The InterCity people who travel with a child younger than 16 can buy one ticket to rid yourself 33 percent. discount can take 2:00 to 5:00 people relief does not apply in the second grade at the time of peak traffic hour on Friday in the 14-20 - In the first year .. no limits
promotion we can get a similar discount for travel by train family relationships here, however, the right to family outings .. Two people were traveling with at least one child who is less than 16 years of age or a person traveling with more than two children. children go in achieving its relief, the parents pay about two-thirds of the normal ticket price.
Joint passage / em
years, travelers could not understand why you can not buy a ticket for the train, For example, PR and IC. finally possible. you can buy one ticket for a few trains, and in addition save about 10 percent InterRail ticket gives you an excellent opportunity to travel freely throughout Europe at affordable prices to your itinerary. Based on this list, you can run an unlimited number of all types of trains - with a higher standard will be charged the price -.
offer European Railways, under the joint InterRail offer: Home - IR Global tickets - valid for all countries participating in the contest -, Home - IR tickets are valid for one country. Information
cheaper tickets online sites to search train and railway companies.

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