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What are the different classes of Flight Economy, Business Class and First Class

What are the different classes of flight

we can replace the three-class flight, u k / u Lhasa u Economy - economy class - / u, u Business Class - Business Class - / u and U first class - first class -. / u
u Business Class / u - flights - Continental and u first grade / u - intercontinental flights - vary by economic class u / u, which provides supplies needed for work such as Internet and telephone, a higher seat, more choice, more opportunity to change or return ticket media players, the more loyalty points program, a special place waiting for the rest of the second plane, which is very important and special places to check, which of course there is no order.
ticket in business class and first, of course, much higher price than economy class, especially for business people who travel a lot and can work at any time, it has its undeniable advantages.

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