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Ideas for a picnic

. Ideas for picnic picnic is a great opportunity to spend time away from home

Picnic is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors in the sun and warmer weather make it more likely to stay in the open: the device for long walks, bike trips or picnics Many people use the service resorts in the country .. or in abroad. How long weekend schedule and where to go? majówkowych Here are some suggestions for each.
u at home or abroad / u
very happy use of agro-tourism offers a picnic and spend the Baltic Sea, in the mountains - preferably Zakopane and Krakow -. or one of the Masurian Lakes tour cities often combine purchases of local products and souvenirs
Picnic is a perfect opportunity to go beyond the borders of our country and visit one of the most famous cities in Europe ... years, the enduring popularity of Prague , Berlin, Vilnius, Budapest, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Venice and Rome more demanding can treat yourself to a short vacation in the tropics - Majorca, Tunisia, Madeira and the Canary Islands -.
Looking for information, to visit one of the local passenger agents or view last minute deals on the internet.
u Village / u
If weather permits, we can organize a barbecue or fireplace in the garden, and invite family and friends. fun, tasty grub and a bit of end relaxation secured in the open. Those who do not have this ability can go along with a picnic basket in the woods or park. Here, too, can pogrillować, provided that the permit, the Rules in this area. Many of them are specially designated clearing and places where you can porozstawiać chairs, intended to distribute blankets and picnic baskets. majówkowym The menu should include, besides products for barbecue, homemade and toast, hamburgers, cold drinks and sweets. In addition, do not forget disposable plates, cups and eating utensils, paper towels and Plastic garbage bags, blankets, and perhaps parasolkach folding chairs and table.
u active / u
Those few days off to be forced to leave the house - if you do not have any plans -. Long walks oxygenates our body and improve your physical condition of the people who live on a daily basis can actively plan for a bicycle -. mountains - hiking, climbing, visit the water park, a weekend of golf or canoeing. want to keep a bit of movement in the fresh air, especially if it was the only such opportunity of the year.
u little relaxation for body and mind / u
There are those who value recreation in combination with rest and relaxation This job offer SPA & Wellness facilities that cater to the needs of clients is constantly expanding In addition to their specialties of medical treatment, therapeutic, relaxing and beauty treatments - for example, ..,: Medical Spa, a holistic spa, beauty spa and Spa Resort - encourage the transition to a healthy lifestyle - for example, the City Spa, Eco Spa - and the following sports - such as the Ministry SPA - organizes trips - Ships SPA & Wellness Cruise Line also known as SPA, mainly enters the Mediterranean and Oceania -. These centers offer special programs dedicated to each age group majówkowego package price depends on the quantity and quality of the proposed activities
Its not really where we spend a picnic .. most importantly to have contact with nature, and as long as you stay in the fresh air.

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