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What to see in Krakow?

What to see in Krakow Krakow u is one of the most famous cities in Europe in terms of tourism

u Krakow is one of the most famous cities in Europe in terms of tourism This is a city rich in historic buildings and charming place is often visited by not only domestic but also foreign tourists main tourist attractions in Krakow are: / u
u Wawel / u
hill from a height of 228 meters above sea level is the most visited tourist spot here, there are two important monuments.
u Royal Palace / u lies in its interior 71 exhibition halls and two staircases and representative. the senators and deputies in the castle are several museum exhibitions, including: State Rooms, Crown Treasury, Arena and Oriental art / em youngest. Exhibition - Royal Gardens / em, which shows the horticulture of the Renaissance, u Cathedral Basilica of St. Stanislaus and St. Wenceslas / u - the Cathedral, the coronation and burial place of Polish kings - almost everything. by Wladyslaw Stanislaw I highly Leszczyńska elbow - a total of 17 Kings and Jadwiga and Anna Jagiellonian - also buried here: St. Stanislaus Szczepanow of Cracow and other bishops, and the prophetic nation President Lech Kaczynski and his wife / em. / ul
u Market Square / u
It is a place around which to focus on the important monuments of Krakow are:. St. Marys, St. Adalbert Church, Cloth Hall, Town Hall, Monument. Adam Mickiewicz and many historic buildings / em. On the market there are numerous bars, restaurants and florists. This is a great place to relax and for the people of Krakow and tourists. This is where the exhibition of Christmas cribs and Juvenal and Lajkonik. / em, art shows, flea markets and many Concerts
between the church of St. Mary Hall and fabrics can be seen seafront monument to Adam Mickiewicz / u 1898 The feet are four figures symbolize. homeland. courage, science and poetry in the middle of Market Square are u Fabric / in -. content Renaissance arcade, which now operate stalls selling traditional costumes, Krakow, souvenirs and jewelery stalls are located above the crests Polish cities and craft guilds, and on the first floor - the National Museum Gallery ... Above the main square is dominated by seafront City Hall / u, with a height of 70 meters feature of the tower is about two feet of vertical deviations from the interior floor is not historical museum in the basement of his time with the notorious prison and torture chamber, located in a cozy cafe. / ul
seafront of St. Marys / u
St. Marys Square, close to the main square is a beautiful Gothic. Basilica of the most important work in the church of St. Marys is without doubt the Veit Stoss altar u / u -. one of the precious wooden altar of the Gothic era has about 200 pieces depicting scenes from the Marian cycle, most of them are ok .. 3 meter high facade of the basilica won two towers:
first tower
more commonly called a bugle is 82 meters high each clock on four sides - from a height of 54 meters - won the trumpet bugle u Mary. / u, a symbol of Krakow. Once a day, at noon a bugle call to Polish radio program broadcast throughout the country. tower the hour of the sixteenth century.
smaller second tower was designed church tower, reaching 69 feet in height. On the first floor of the Renaissance church of St. Paul. Paul.
u Barbican / u
the rest of the medieval castle of defense technology. surrounded by a 24-foot moat, the walls of St. Florian combination door seafront / u. Barbican is one of the most beautiful sights of Krakow. summer are organized interesting productions, concerts and exhibitions arranged at the Barbican defensive walls.
u Basilica of the Holy Trinity / u
Krakow is full of sacred objects One of them is the Gothic Basilica of the Holy Trinity, which includes a chapel: ..
chapel dedicated to the Saviour of the fourteenth century chapel St. Thomas, from the fifteenth century chapel of St. Adalbert, the fifteenth-century chapel dedicated to St. Lubomirski. Rose Limańskiej of the seventeenth century chapel of St. Dominic. Myszkowski From the seventeenth century Chapel of the Rosary of the eighteenth century. Chapel of St. Jack. / ul
One of the most interesting is u. Myszkowski Chapel of St. Dominic / u, founded in 1614. This is the penultimate, aisles of the basilica. It is easy to recognize, as shown Myszkowski family sculptured figures are within the dome.
in u Fountain with Zac / u
This property is located at St. Marys Square, near the church of St. Marys Legend -. throwing a coin into the fountain gives confidence to return to Krakow in the future fountain with Zak was founded in late fifties of the twentieth. century and was a gift to the city as a sculptor and a tribute in honor of the Veit Stoss. modest, Krakow Zak is at the source is a sad face and imagined, and it makes such an impression, like streams of water coming from the fountain of tears as a young man.

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