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What to see while in China?

What to see while in China u In China there are many tourist attractions worth seeing in this country

u In China there are many tourist attractions worth seeing in this country, these include: / u
u Forbidden City in Beijing / u
area ceremonial buildings gathered around Imperial Palace of Ming and Qing dynasties, considered the heart of ancient China. Palace complex is surrounded by a defensive wall and moat. On reaching 1 km long and 700 meters, was built about 800 palaces and many smaller pavilions. palaces and parks of three adjacent artificial lake to create a dense , closed composition
u Summer Palace -. Yiheyuan - / u
palace and park complex is located in Beijing His main thing is longevity Hill .. Kunming, and the artificial lake occupies about 2/3 full park complex of galleries and classical villas, numerous gardens, gazebos and pavilions
u Temple of Heaven -. Tian Tan - / u
Team sacred buildings in the south-eastern part of central Beijing, who visited the Emperor of China Ming and Qing at the annual ceremony, during which prayers to Heaven for good harvest in agriculture. complex consists of three main buildings, combines most of them red - 360-meter bridge rising from the Imperial Vault of Heaven in the Hall of Prayer for good harvest
u Great Wall of China / u
wonder of architecture - .. one of the most interesting tourist attraction in China, total length of the wall in his side branches is about 6000 km is the most important point of Badaling tourists -. best preserved part of the Great Wall
u Terracotta Army / u
Army in the tomb of Chinas first emperor Qin Shi. in todays Shaanxi Province According beliefs had kept the Emperor and help him regain power in the afterlife Every picture has individual characteristics namely - every person is different and represent different emotions .. the soldiers are shown in different positions have different weapons and styles. feet of each sculpture are full, while the hollow body and head. among the soldiers because the characters are medics and civilians.
u TEMPLE / u
One of the largest Chinese landmarks. Bodhidharma brought glory to the monastery - an Indian monk, under the management of Shaolin became academic training training methods have not changed for hundreds of years ago yesterday the site is fully restored and regained their former glory and monks from the monastery is known for his perfect mastery of martial arts ...
u Ten thousand Buddha Caves / u
Longmen is one of the temples carved into limestone cliffs lining the river Zheng Yi caves are dedicated to Buddha - .. Indian prince, whose teachings became the foundation of Buddhism on the walls. thousands of small statues of Buddha, from whom the name cave Posążkom - Little Buddha, accompanied by musicians playing different instruments, including:. harps and cymbals played - The cave is also a large statue of Buddha in the company of four students, no. u Guilin / u
This is one of the oldest and most scenic cities in China. owes its unique charm and wzniesieniom limestone hills of fantastic shapes, which are hidden dreamlike caves. main attractions include Guilin. Li River Cruise windy caves, pagodas Puxian, Solitary Beauty Peak, Cloud Pavilion, Park trumpet dIvoire, Seven Star Park, the Park District and the culture of the two lakes
u Suzhou / u
called the Venice of the East brought fame to city ​​in the world two things: silk and gardens .. During the fourteenth century, Suzhou was the leading producer of silk and it has remained to this day, however, the most interesting gardens include: Master network of gardens, garden residence and Garden Tiger Hill Barrow, on top of which is adjacent Tower - Pagoda Rocks in the Clouds

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