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Tips and ideas for travel can be found in the Travels category. How to travel by plane, train, bus, student travel, travel costs by car, family vacation packages and cheap travel insurance.


How to travel cheaply

How to travel cheap trip u Tourist Board does not necessarily lead to high costs, but you need to plan your trip in advance

u tourist travel does not necessarily lead to high costs, but you need to plan your trip in advance / U
u good plan / u
planning a trip. You can save a lot money if we want it to happen does not use the services of travel agencies only set their own accommodation and meals before departure we agreed itinerary, read the instructions and find information on online forums - here .. You can learn more about interesting places worth visiting, during the prevailing in the region or the approximate price of traveling -. All this will help us to become familiar with where to go
seafront Travel off-season / u . br The entire trip can be even half the price if you decide to go out of season Cheaper is not only the various types of accommodations and attractions, but the journey itself -. for example, a plane flight -. This trip has other advantages besides saving a sum of money, you are faced with a multitude of tourists on the beach or on a mountain trail off-season visitors significantly reduced, and that includes, among others. with smaller lines for food and beverage outlets
u last. now / u
Last Minute Deals as the name suggests are associated with travel at the last minute these Deals are very popular among tourists, especially when one takes into account multiple trips, for example. trip to the New Year, or on the ski. Last minute offers, however, have in common is that we must adapt to the proposed date of departure, and it is not always all fit.
seafront cheap mode of transportation / u
most popular mode of transport for tourists aircraft and there is nothing strange -. cheap airline tickets are affordable compared to traditional carriers, but also more attractive than travel by train or car However, do not forget to book your tickets well in advance -. then the price will be significantly lower.
u Cheap Accommodation / u
cheapest solution is to spend the night in private homes, cottages, homes and lodges. often happens that when booking accommodation via the Internet, you can count on various promotions and discounts should also be looking for accommodation in lesser known places - where the cost of accommodation will be much lower compared to the popular places for sitting
u As you can see time, and proximal and distance can be cheap .. / u This trip can be associated with less content and less comfort, for example when it comes to accommodation, but also travel planning, arranging a list of places to visit, booking tickets and accommodation make a trip into the entirely ours.

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