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What to do on a rainy vacation days?

What to do on a rainy vacation days seafront holiday is primarily associated with relaxation and sun

road Opatija holidays primarily associated with relaxation and sun Unfortunately, as we all know time is variable and sometimes days, when from morning to evening rain / U
What you do and how ? arrange a time, especially the youngest Here are some suggestions
u opportunity for children and for parents. / u
watching cartoons on DVD or on the Internet, painting, drawing - all art -, better with clay, reading books - childrens parents -, playing cards and board games, puzzles and stacking blocks, spend the day with a child in Bajkolandzie, to parents when cooking sweets or while preparing dinner, helping parents housework / ul
u youth: / u
call a colleague, friend each other on pogaduchy, watch movies on TV or on the Internet, reading books, magazines, youth, etc., play computer games, create your own blog, listening to music, spend a day in the center - maybe some shopping, on the occasion of coffee or pizza -., apartment cleaning, preparing dinner for the whole family / UL
u For large and small / u
u Instead of sitting at home with parents or friends to make a visit to:. / u
cinema, theater, museum or exhibition / ul
u Those who love outdoor sports can combine business with pleasure, and go: / u
the gym, fitness club, bowling or indoor pool / ul
. Apart from these, maybe just laze, lazing on the couch and come up with an action plan for the day when the sun is shining at the end.
seafront options are many and it really just depends on us how to spend a rainy day off, with a little desire and fantasy does not have to be gray and boring. / u

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