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What to see in Zakopane?

What to see in Zakopane u called Polish winter capital of Zakopane is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country

u called the winter capital of Zakopane Polish is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in our country, of course, the biggest windfall mountains - the Tatras .. Are most top Giewont / U
One of the most valleys in the Tatras u Fri Bare Valley / u -. glacial valley with a length of 4 km and a surface of 6.5 km2, situated in the Tatra National Park Alpine vegetation, wildlife and pristine lakes are the main advantages of this region The largest lake is. Great Polish Pond depth of nearly 80 meters. in the valley in a mountain hut, and hiking trails that run through this lead to different parts of the mountain. All this makes the Valley of five lakes is a major goal of many trips.
most visited places in the near Zakopane is also u eye view / u -. the largest lake in the mountains to get there, you must come by car or bus to Palenica Bialczanska, then beat on foot or bike - sleigh in winter - rest. It is 8 kilometers However, the sacrifice, because the place is waiting for a breathtaking view of the High Tatras and the highest peak -. scratches
Those who do not like walking hiking, mountain simply can not enter - in season it is open, including: u Funicular to Gubalowka / u, u Funicular in Kasprowy / u - downhill skiing at Hala Hala crawler or bitter - and U lift Butorowy. / u Kasprowy ski season typically lasts Peak from mid-December to early May. Sometimes, however, that the railways run to the end of December.
In the same city, a tourist trip worth; start u Krupówki Street / u This is the principal representative and the longest street in Zakopane - it starts at the intersection of new streets and trails extends one mile to the south there is, among others: the seat ... Museum TATRA TATRA and railways, hotels and neo-Romanesque church. feature of this street is the large number of small stalls, souvenir shops and cafes that attract tourists. Krupówki can drive a horse-drawn transport or take a picture of a bear ..
u Krzeptówki / u is one of the oldest quarters Zakopane, located a few kilometers from the center Krzeptówki can see, among others: the famous shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima, Pope John Paul II is located Here ..... and no houses and restaurants
u Tatra Museum Dr. Titus Chałubiński / u is one of the oldest regional museums in Poland in the main building at ul Krupówki 10 collections: rocks and minerals, botanical and ethnographic. Behind the museum extends seafront Mountain Botanical Garden / u named Alpine, which grows about 600 species of plants Tatra.
In Zakopane there are several historic churches, and one of the most distinctive, is located at ul Krupówki spent selling CDs and books on relevant topics Atma Villa is located at 19th Street Kasprusie
Being in Zakopane, you should visit the Museum of Natural seafront Tatra National Park / u - to Chałubińskiego 42a - A. Cornell Makuszynski u Museum / u -. located in a villa Opolanka Tetmajera 15th Street
at the intersection of Bronislaw Czech Republic and Jozef Pilsudski, appears in the majestic seafront Krokiew / u by Stanislav Marusarz. . At its foot there are numerous souvenir stalls and attractions for children - for example, in the Park summer entertainment, and pony rides and a small winter ski lift - .. Motorized guests can use parking lots for cars and buses
One of the most interesting historical buildings in Zakopane is located at Kościelisko 18 - ... Villa and cottage located in the Museum of Zakopane Style u / u by Stanislaw Witkiewicz was built of natural stone and wood, from the very beginning was to meet the role of museums - Sigismund Gnatowskiemu used in the collection and submission of its ethnographic collections is
excellent recreational and leisure for the whole family is u Zakopane Aqua Park / u, which is located at 31st Street Jagiellonska Tourists can enjoy both .. indoor pool and is located on the terrace. Aqua Park also has a sauna, bowling alley, fitness club, restaurant, bar and convenience store pływackimi.

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