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What to visit in Thailand?

What to visit in Thailand Thailand u exciting colors, and its inhabitants are always smiling

u Thailand exciting colors, and its inhabitants are always smiling country attracts tourists from all over the world, offers a beautiful tropical scenery Present a list of places to visit while in Thailand / U
. in Bangkok / u
definitely a place worth visiting is the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is the political, economic and cultural center of the country The city tour starts with a beautiful Buddhist temples, which include ..: Wat Phra
Chetuphton - Lying Buddha Temple -. dates from the sixteenth century, one of the largest in Bangkok mid-point is the gilded statue of Buddha, Wat Suhat -. temple famous for its beautiful frescoes and statues of Chinas important to keep in mind the giant red gate, which is located at the entrance, Wat Traimit - Temple with a statue of Buddha made of gold - in full - .. / ul
In Bangkok there are many restaurants, bars, night clubs and discos

u Koh Chang / u
eastern Thailand - near Cambodia - The National Park consists of an archipelago of 52 islands - located about 350 km from Bangkok -. It is the largest island of Koh Chang - its mountainous terrain, lush rainforest has more waterfalls. All islands with coral reefs, formed a National Marine Reserve.
u Koh Samui / u
thirsty tourists look sandy beaches and beautiful waterfalls, one should go to one of the most picturesque islands in the country. Itinerant vendors offer here are: fresh fruit - bananas, pineapples, mangoes and coconuts -, grilled meats and handmade clothing and jewelry. The biggest tourist attraction of the island, except for mild beaches, tropical forests are dense and large coconut plantations, which cover the fabulous waterfalls.
u Khao Yai / u
In the northwestern part of Thailands most visited tourist Khao Yai National Park. The legendary full of green vegetation, stunning waterfall Haeo - here you can really feel like in paradise. Stunning views, each step follows the unique scent of nature.
u Phang Nga Bay / u
considered one of the wonders of this extraordinary country and its hard not to agree with this statement by looking at the calm water in beautiful colors and protruding from it here and there, limestone rocks . It is ideal for boat trips. Phang Nga repeatedly been recognized by the film-making - shots recorded here include: The Man with the Golden Gun and the beach. You should visit one of the surrounding villages, and in particular: Who
Panyu - houses built on water, Koh Hong, Koh Maak / ul
u Khao Sam Roi Yot / .. u
the western edge of the Gulf of Thailand is a fascinating place in the viewport - National Park Khao Sam Roi Yot. Fairy tale called Phraya Nakhon Cave, white-sand beaches and unusual plants are able to charm anyone who decides to visit this legendary region of Thailand.
u Thale Ban / u
furthest south the country is another, equally beautiful National Park. Ban Thale is located near the border with Malaysia, away from the noise and busy streets of the capital. This is the perfect place to relax - delights the picturesque forms of rocks, majestic waterfalls, a lake surrounded by all kinds of unusual Asian plants.
u Doi Inthanon / u
This is the highest mountain in Thailand - is growing at more than 2500. meters above sea level - Surrounded by national park of the same name. Go to the forest road, you can enjoy a wealth of different species of plants and animals, as well as the local waterfalls. The most attractive are:
Mae Ya, Namtok Siriphum, Namtok Wachirathan. / UL

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