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Calendar Days in 2012 long weekend

Calendar Days in 2012

u In 2012, waiting for us 13 days of Christmas, which amounts to 9 business days if you use a few days leave, we will be able to take advantage of the six long weekend / U
. . br b u The six long weekend in 2012? Yes, it is possible! / u / b First
will fall after the New Year. Throughout Epiphany, we rely on u 6 . - January 8, / u - Friday, Saturday and Sunday -.
a long weekend well have to wait until April - Easter this year falls on 8 and 9 April - Sunday and Monday - and, therefore, we will celebrate seafront April 7 to 9 / u, unless the employer determines the Good Friday holiday - then we have to wait up to four days of rest
record nine day weekends -. U April 28 to May 6 / u - well be able to enjoy in May - Labour Day and May 3 Constitution Day traditionally falls May 1 and 3, and this year will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays To take so long. rest, we have to take 3 days annual leave - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays -. If the employer does not agree that taking even one day - Monday or Friday - so well have four days off
In June we will. be used in the next long weekend falling Corpus 7th June - . as every year on Thursday, so taking one day of annual leave - Friday - well celebrate the 4 days - 7 to 10 June u / u -.
In 2012 All Saints Day falls on Thursday, just then, that take one day of annual leave -. Friday - and again it is not every week, 4 days - 1 to 4 November u / u -.
particularly long weekend awaits us at the end of the year -. on Christmas Day in 2012, the Christmas Eve falls on Monday, the first day of Christmas on Tuesday, and Boxing Day on Wednesday, if we take one day of annual leave -. 24.XI Monday - we will enjoy a five-day weekend taking the next two days off -. Thursday and Friday -, extended to up to 11 vacation days - seafront December 22, 2012 - January 1, 2013 / u -.
b u day falls on Sunday / u / b With the changes and amendments to labor law in January 2011, we received an extra day at work - January 6th - Epiphany - but they took us to get a day off for the holiday falls on a day from work, except on Sunday - Feast happening in the accounting period, a fall on a day other than Sunday shortened working hours from 8 pm / em - art. 130 paragraphs 2 and 2 - 1 - Labor Law -.
legislator also noted that if the adopted in accordance with the schedule of employee holidays fall on a day from work, arising from the distribution of working hours, on average, 5 days a week, its not reducing working hours
b seafront Day holiday in 2012. / u / b
January 1 - Sunday - u New Year / u 6 January - Friday - u Epiphany / u 8/9 April - Sunday, Monday - Easter u / u May 1 - Tuesday - Day u Work / u 3 May - Thursday - u May 3 Constitution Day / u May 27 - Sunday - u Pentecost - Pentecost - / u June 7 - Thursday - u. Corpus / u 15 August - Wednesday - u Great / u November 1 - Thursday - All Saints u / u 11 November - Friday - Independence Day u / u 25/26 December - Tuesday, Wednesday - u Christmas / u / ul
b u Legal basis: / u / b
Act of 18 January 1951, the days of work - OJ 1951, No. 4, pos 28, as amended d - ....

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