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How to choose a tent

How to choose a tent u can be found on the market tents of various sizes and price

u In the market you can find tents of various sizes and price Here are some tips on what to look for when selecting such equipment / U
b size . / B are invited to choose from. singles, doubles, and even tents there are eight or more people. larger, more comfortable, but heavier. size tent should not be exaggerated, especially in the case of traveling without their own car - in a tent must also find space for equipment -
b Shape / b are commercially available include:.
tent cabins - they are quite heavy, very stable, and their distribution need large quantities of herring, tents tunnel - have very good ventilation, high longitudinal stability are convenient and easy-to-space, needle tents - jednopałąkowe are lightweight and very stable, does not have a porch where you can store your luggage; dwupałąkowe are very stable and easy to space, some models are equipped with a small vestibule , a needle with three or more pałąkach the most stable and durable, unfortunately, are heavier than tents dwupałąkowe . / ul
b Material / b tent should be made of durable materials provide additional sealing of the seams, double-laminated or covered with a nylon string -. thanks to his tent leaks -.
b Tropik / b The most important thing is to not przemakał - minimal tropical waterproof should be 1500 mm - water column The best - or aluminum - stronger, lighter, and more expensive -.
b Accessories / b Reliable equipment shall be equipped with quality locks, buckles, pockets, reflectors, buckles, etc. well not be cracked and will retain their strength parameters in the cold, and large number of pockets to keep order in the tent, and do little things most necessary to be always at your fingertips. interesting idea is suspended from the ceiling lamp shelf. tents, or find it at night will help permanently sewn reflective elements.
tent should also be provided with openings to facilitate air circulation while preventing water from getting into its interior.

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