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How to match clothing

How to match clothes u Each season fashion is sometimes an endless source of inspiration

u Each season fashion is sometimes an endless source of inspiration Sometimes it happens that in a season linked to different, sometimes contradictory, directions / U
u .. Ideally suited / u
When buying new clothes, still u should be guided by the shape of your character and the type of beauty / u It is very important benefit -. clothing should be comfortable to wear due to some welfare depends on all of us
clothing should be selected for color and black and white suit almost any other color does not dress in the monotone, in uniform - the same color ... -. the clothes u Not to distinguish color and pattern Bottom / u. tributaries blouse with trousers looks very original and definitely not arouse interest in other people. If clothes are very similar colors, for example, both top and bottom are dark, lighten it even more true now very fashionable. chimney-type shawl or jacket even more interesting you can always just walk in light or dark colored clothing - all from time to time change is needed, a break from everyday life - such a fun style can be an instant hit and inspired a new style of dressing.
u in tight clothes, especially thin women look attractive and tempting. However, regardless of the silhouette, one of the outfit should be looser than others / u, for example, to assume the milder pants tight blouse, shirt or tunic This combination has its good side - .. if you do not see skinny women or concave belly protruding bones, while women are disappearing in the thick folds of the stomach
clothes seafront setting, summer can not be combined with winter clothing / u it should not assume that a typical summer, thin to very thick sweater pants -. it is not very practical and just looks bad
seafront machine should be well matched with the profile / u mismatched bra .. immediately attracts the attention of the whole outfit is losing its appeal. bra should adhere to the chest and keep it. If you do not know how to set this part of underwear, you should consult your dealer.
u good foundation to base / to
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