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In order not to mislead when purchasing

In order not to mislead when purchasing u love to shop, and often an incentive to buy things that are not really necessary for us to do nothing

u like an impulse buy, and often buy things that are not really needed for anything we can pack up in a basket just because it is such an attractive price can not be repeated .. Unfortunately, most of the promotions offered by larger stores and supermarkets is simply fraud. Below are the most common tricks used by sellers. / u
b cheap substitutes / b
These are the true mortality of super and hypermarkets. Before you decide buy such a product, you first need to check that its composition does not differ much from the originals. most expensive is unfortunately worse.
b of goods / b are just some of us in the habit of checking every time the date expiration. Most, however, makes the product for a product to your shopping cart at all without thinking about it. Sellers often hold promotions for goods, which will soon expire expiration date - if you can not sell, cause loss also became fashionable late in the product combined with other things, for example, the purchase of goods, the other -. outdated -. we get cheaper We should be alert for such promotions, and always make sure the goods are sold at a lower price or included for free, has a good expiration date. b fictitious
Promotion / b It
promotion attracts like a magnet. Unfortunately, they often seem to offer very attractive, in fact, do not like. inflating the market price for the product, starting overestimate them, then sell at that price, as What is its market value promotion in this way seems to be a fiction of our suppliers offer discounts if you buy two products together - .. are usually combined in one set in this case, we should first check how much these items cost individually - it really .. worth it to buy them in the set, or is it just a clever trick producer who tries to convince us to buy one product over
. b deliberately placing goods / b in supermarkets are often faced with changes in the position of certain goods on the shelves thing is that we threw into the cart a few extra - usually unnecessary - products before we get to that, we are looking for more places for products in our line of sight, and it usually happens that the middle shelf set is the most expensive commodity - .. are the cheapest kit on the bottom or top
Ask b packages / b We must remember that the size of the frame does not show its contents. Often this trick, in fact, it turns out that the content these packages is correct. as well as smaller manufacturers boxes, packing of goods in larger containers, and a price increase we have purchased this product we are sure that we get a large package of more - more .. nothing wrong
b Wrong Display Price / b is on the shelves of many niemetkowanych product and the price per unit is given in the wrong place Stores also provide false prices on labels -. product, we have made it off the shelf, may have different prices on the go. Making large purchases, even if we learn przepłaciliśmy. To make sure that the seller will not deceive us, to check the price of each product in the barcode reader.
b tempting trinkets on the counter / b is in the long checkout line, we look at the shelves especially prominent small goods - batonami, chewing gum, beverages, etc. - they also lure us we must remember that the records are not. no real promotion.

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