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Bean salad in Spanish how to prepare

Bean salad in Spanish

seafront Ingredients for 2 servings: / u Home - 500 g green asparagus Home - 80 g Spanish chorizo ​​sausage Home - Home clove garlic - small onion Home - 15 - 20 green olives - you can possibly give you half and half green and black - Home - Home teaspoon Parmesan - Home tablespoon vinegar spices - salt, pepper, sugar Home - olive
u Preparation: / u Crash
one end of the asparagus, then place the asparagus in boiling water and cook for 4 minutes - if you have a special asparagus pot - tall and narrow. pour in 3 inches of water, and if you do not have such a container, then pour 1 cm of water and set the asparagus , so it all fits into the pot - Cook ... covered with water, lightly salted water and sweet Alternatively you can add a little lemon juice and milk.
2 boiled asparagus, pull out of the water and cut lengthwise into pieces.
3 cut olives in half.
4 fry chorizo ​​slices with olive oil in a pan.
fifth chopped onion and garlic.
6 Mix vinegar with salt and pepper and onion and garlic.
7th We put on a plate of asparagus, olives, sausage, sauce and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
eighth salad can be made with potatoes or baguette.

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