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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


Marking of eggs Know what you eat

Marking of eggs

eggs we buy in the store have now become a producer, which is common throughout the European Union appointment shows
egg size, method of rearing chickens, country of origin, manufacturer / ul
.. size eggs are classified as follows:
S - small, weighing less than 53g M - medium weight 53g - level was 63g L - large, weighing 63-73g XL - very large, weighing more than 73g / ul
eggs can be found with other information
code. u X-YY-AABBCCDD / u
various elements of the following: X
In this way the chickens are hens:
0 - ecological one - free-range 2 - 3 sheets - Cage / ul
YY is the symbol of the country of origin of eggs, - eg. PL in Polish -
last piece of code shows directly from the manufacturer - number - and, more specifically:
AA - in the province, BB - code, county, CC - the number of activities, INC. -.? for businesses / ul
eggs b What to buy / b buying eggs worth paying attention to these markings, especially on the size of eggs and rearing methods Sift the flour on the kitchen table, and add salt.
Flour 2 we pause, and add a little water. Make a paste and add enough water to produce a stiff dough.
3 Cover bowl of dough for 20 minutes.
4 already cooked potatoes crimping tool and squeeze the curd through a fine grinder for holes. Chop the onion and bacon.
5 Put the bacon in a pan and add salt. Then, when the bacon is already well podsma┼╝y add the onion. Fry until the bacon will do brass and onion is glassy.
6 Translation of brass and onions to the potatoes and add cheese. Stir well and season with salt and pepper.
7th On floured countertop posypanym roll out a thin piece of dough about the size of the wheel from the bottom of the glass. Since the dough with a glass cut rounds and place the stuffing. Coat the edges with water and glue. Prepared dumplings before cooking, cover with a cloth, for example, not letting dry.
8th After gluing all the dumplings, we put the pieces in the boiling water and solid. Dumplings in the pot can not be too much. Preferably only one layer to adhere to or at the bottom. Pies cook about 5-7 minutes. from the surface.
u Comments / u
pies taste great on top with bacon and fried onions, and if someone likes a glass of kefir or sour milk.

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