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How to make dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms

How to make dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms Any respectable housewife knows that it forms a dough for dumplings

Any respectable housewife knows that it forms a dough for dumplings, but there are people who do not have the ease of cooking and food preparation, each appears to be a challenge So use the tips and tricks for the kitchen, the other becomes a better and richer flavor.
There are different ways to prepare delicious seafront dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms / u, and, behold, one of them is
version of which we get large portions for 4 people
seafront Ingredients for the dough: . / u
35 grams plain flour 2 egg yolks 2 tablespoons melted butter ½ teaspoon salt half cup cooked - year - water / ul
u Ingredients for filling: / u 40
dag sauerkraut 10 ounces of dried mushrooms tablespoon oil 1 onion, salt and pepper at the discretion / ul
u preparation of dough / u
Mix flour with salt, add egg yolks, melted butter and water. Knead the dough, then put them in a bowl and cover with a cloth. let stand 15 minutes to rise.
u Prepare stuffing / u
off excess juice from the cabbage, chop it finely and add to the the pot. Pour water and simmer for about half an hour. mushrooms cover with boiling water and urine samples for 30 minutes, then cook in same water the other half an hour. Then drain water and chop finely. Add chopped mushrooms and cook the whole cabbage for about 15 minutes. Now , chop the onion and zeszklij it in a hot pan with oil. After frying onions, add the cabbage and mushrooms and stir everything together. resultat stuffing and season to taste with salt and pepper. / ul
seafront BETTER dumplings / u
gently on floured board roll the dough from the dough prepared earlier. Glass cut pancakes and stuffing dumplings clumping Apply bank, which then can push the jaw teeth. But be careful not to pierce the cake! So a bag ravioli in salted boiling water and cook about 5 minutes, in any case not later than the date of departure on the front. best sauce for the dumplings Fried bacon and onions / ul
u Council. / u If you care not only on the palate than on health, it is worth the dough for the dumplings to add about three tablespoons of the pan fried wheat bran. fiber in them which will help a good bowel movement and digestion.
u ENJOY! / u

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