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How carp in jelly

How carp in aspic is a source of protein from meat and a healthier diet

source of protein than meat and healthy diet -. Carp especially with the addition of a wish, not only looks delicious, but also beneficial effects on bones and joints
This is one of the proposals. Administration. Carp in aspic
u You will need: / u
1.5 kg of fresh vegetables carp cabbage soup without onion garlic clove a few grains of black pepper, allspice a few grains of salt 2 bay leaves 3 teaspoons gelatin minced hard-boiled quail eggs lemon sliced ​​carrots cooked in broth, and sliced ​​cucumber thinly sliced ​​pickled vegetables / ul u
carp thoroughly wash and fillet into 6 pieces. fish head, part of the dorsal and ventral fins, and use the broth to cook. add to them, cabbage, onions and spices, all in the outer pot to cook about 15 minutes to light the fire. Then Drain the broth a fine sieve and put the pieces of carp. cook for about 12 minutes, the whole time making sure that we do not fish rozgotowała. If properly soft, allow it to cool in the broth. Later Taught fish on board and clean. getting rid of even the most delicate bones We put the fillets on a plate and garnish with quail eggs , slices of lemon, carrot and cucumber sour carp, decoction heated to boiling point, mark off 5 of them and dissolve the swollen gelatin When przestygnie, cover parts of the jellyfish - .. even 2 -3 times - and then leave to cool in a cool place / ul
dish is ready to serve ENJOY ..!

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