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How herring in oil

How herring in oil, many of us can not imagine Christmas without a meal and herring salad

Lots of us can not imagine Christmas without a meal and herring salad with the most popular and one of the most popular appetizer, not just the holiday table herring in oil There are many rules that follow this seemingly very simple dishes ... Next proposal for the implementation and management
u Heres what well need the ingredients. / u
1/2 kg of salted herring port 2 slices a few grains of English herbs 1 bay leaf 1/3 liter of olive oil and lemon / ul
u preparation. / u Depending on your taste preferences, herring, rinse in cold water or soaked until needed Herring may be for desalination of water or milk, which further reduces their flavor. soaked patches on the wire, pull. onion cut into thin slices and lemon slices. bottom of the pan, fill with a layer of onions, add the grains allspice and bay leaf. Then arrange a few slices of lemon and pour oil on the level of spice. Herring, cut equal pieces and begin to arrange alternate layers of onions, lemon and spices. We do this until all the ingredients we use, remember that the last layer of the onion in a bowl. Flood herring oil after the last layer the ingredients. ship refrigerate at least one day . About an hour before using, remove the checkmark from the refrigerator and arrange on a platter. For decoration we use the same bulb, which retain the herring. herring are willing to serve on the board
u ENJOY / u

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