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How to make dumplings with poppy seeds

How to make dumplings with poppy One Christmas Eve meal, popular not only the youngest

One Christmas Eve meal, popular not only the youngest - .. Noodles with poppy seeds seem to be any easier to prepare However, this dish is very labor intensive - its preparation takes about 50 minutes - and a taste for the fine owed many components, that are in this dish easy to find what need here
products we have to make noodles with poppy seeds for 6 people: 50 ounces pasta
- preferably chips - Cup poppy seeds half cup of milk. cup granulated sugar 3 tablespoons vanilla sugar 3 tablespoons liquid honey raisins 1/3 cup heavy cream bucket of fried orange flavored orange chopped walnuts or almond flakes salt and cooking oil / ul
seafront meals Ingredients: / u Pour the milk into the bowl of water - half and half - and lead to a boil, then pour the whole poppy seeds and cook on low heat after about 10 minutes, dry poppy seeds in a sieve and gently przestudzony passed twice through a grinder forget to ask for a second time .. add a tablespoon of icing sugar and vanilla sugar alternately with poppy seeds. Mak flavored with honey, raisins, oranges, orange and cream flavors. Of course, what additional components will be in a fog, depending on your taste, but the raisins, orange flavor additives are essential in this dish. cooked pasta thrown in poppy It is important to do this when the noodles are hot. If necessary seasoning to taste a whole. flour dumplings serve sprinkled with chopped nuts, orange and almond flakes to taste.
u ENJOY! / u

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