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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


A recipe for gingerłamiząbki the Christmas tree

A recipe for ginger-łamiząbki the Christmas tree u recipe for ginger-łamiząbki / u 500 seafront gingerbread ingredients: / u 0.3 liters of honey, 0.4 kg sugar, 35 grams of butter. 0 , 3 l of double cream, 1.5 tablespoons of minced ginger, 1.5 tablespoons cinnamon, 1 teaspoon ground cloves, 1 tablespoon baking powder, 1

u recipe for ginger-łamiząbki / u seafront
500 gingerbread Ingredients: / u
0.3 liters of honey,
0, 4 kg of sugar, 35
grams of butter,
0.3 liter double cream,
1.5 tablespoons of minced ginger,
1.5 tablespoons cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground cloves
1 tablespoon baking powder ,
1 .., 5 kg of flour / ul
u Preparation: / u butter, honey, sugar and spices Heat, stir, beat cream przestudź baking soda dissolved in a small amount of water on sifted flour, add the / in the ingredients - the product cake, wrap in foil and refrigerate 12 hours rolled thin and cut into Gingerbread Bake on a baking sheet with paper, 175 degrees, 10-15 minutes
seafront NOTE: / u same rolling and cutting up to 3 hours. When someone does not want to work overtime, work half the dough.

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