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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


How to cook a good soup

. How to cook a good soup Soup is the perfect meal for the whole family

soup is the perfect meal for the whole family contain good vegetables to eat as much as possible rules are simple and do not require a large financial contribution we can prepare them quickly and efficiently giving our families a healthy meal .... Our soup is a delicious and healthy during the preparation we need to follow some rules.
an important role in preparing the soup completely u water used to cook / u. her cooking to use filtered or bottled water, which will improve the taste and quality.
Soup cooking method mainly depends on the type of meat u / u. Most dishes can be thrown into boiling water, the exception of meat, chicken and pork. These two kinds of meat cook better by putting them in cold water.
. u sour soup / u do not cook meat chicken
u If soup simmer for veal / u should be exactly warm bath with boiling water - then the stock will be cloudy
before adding vegetables. should thoroughly cleaned before. Top u steam vegetables and sliced ​​/ u throw into the soup. If we do not have the option to cook vegetables in their entirety, because in this way will retain its flavor and aroma. vegetables cook faster than meat, and therefore should be added to the soup later.
u best soup at the end of salt / u, and its volume decreases during cooking and can be easily oversalt. Another reason is u. dried meat / u such as salt beef soup at the beginning of cooking to add spice to appear in its entirety, bay leaf and allspice - laurel should be cooked longer than 20 min or soup may have. bitter taste spicy -. Dry spices added to the end of cooking soup
simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally and being careful not to cook too long to cook until the - .. when the vegetables and meat are tender
Bridge. sour cream soups u How to distribute the cream has not weighed / u We pee a little soup -. a few tablespoons - in a separate bowl and combine with sour cream, stir until they are called, then pour the contents of vessels up to the boiling soup while stirring. Another way is to fill a little cream milk.
in If we happen to oversalt soup / u do not need it immediately, or pour water for rinsing. should know that the soup can be saved by inserting a peeled raw potato. vegetables to attract too much salt and you can enjoy your meal. But when przesolimy soup, a good solution is to pour beat of proteins, which then pull out.
using stock cubes, do not forget that we are at the end of cooking because it loaded too early to lose flavor and aroma.
u cold soup / u cold cooked meats should not only fat of vegetable soup.
Finally, keep in mind that the soup u should be applied immediately after cooking / u. In winter, it served very hot, to warm our bodies, and soup served hot days cooler, acid orzeźwiły us after a long day.

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