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How to thaw fruits and vegetables so as not to lose nutritional value

How to thaw fruits and vegetables so as not to lose the nutritional value of vegetables and fruit in the form of frozen foods have many benefits.

Vegetables and fruits in the form of frozen foods have many advantages we can prepare quick and healthy snack or dessert, however, they will retain as many vitamins and nutrition need to know how to proceed in the process of thawing
seafront vegetables and fruits for cooking / u to get out of the freezer to put in boiling water with salt or sugar. It will retain its color and not lose valuable vitamins. cook them covered on low heat. Serve immediately after cooking. Do not heat up again.
seafront eat raw fruit / u, which flows from the bag into the container. Top sprinkle them with sugar and cream and leave in refrigerator to thaw. this process prevents the loss of vitamin C.
u with vegetables / u is the same. Thawing should take place in the refrigerator. Once the tank przesypaniu leave them to be able to travel in the lower part.
u soft fruit / u, such as strawberries, you want to eat immediately after thawing in a bowl przesyp , a crate of sugar and leave in the refrigerator. It will be insulated from the air, and will not develop in these organisms. Store in refrigerator.
u If you want to add fruit to desserts / u and gels do not have to thaw them . After removing them arrange on bottom of bowl and pour the jelly directly. thaw fruit and water together make gelatin desserts, fresh and good.
u thawing fruits and vegetables / u should be done immediately prior to consummation.
thawed vegetables and fruit is not frozen yet! This applies to frozen food purchased in stores. If you want to continue to store them in the refrigerator, we can not let them thaw on the way to the house.

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