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How to open a coconut

How to open a coconut the coconut fruit is not very popular in Poland

... Coconut fruit is not very popular in Poland, thanks to its natural sweetness is not the best treat to eat without additives is used more as a supplement to the dough in the form of desiccated coconut Many people love and served with milk, which is inside the coconut.
try this delicacy, you must first open. Unlike appearances, this is not all that difficult. There are two popular ways to open a coconut. need for this equipment can be found in almost every home.
b Method # 1 / b Preheat oven to 180 degrees and place the coconut in a few minutes. keeping an eye on whats going on. When the crust lightly pęknie immediately remove the coconut. the page break, insert a knife and gently challenge. Now pour the milk into a bowl, then using a hammer to hit a bit in the shell. shell should be divided into two parts, and you can share any part of the pulp.
b method number 2 / b Other way is to create holes in the three eyes of the coconut. This work will serve us best corkscrew. When you manage to make a hole, pour the coconut milk in a bowl. Then, using a large sharp knife to cut the coconut in half. Instead of a knife, you can also Use a hammer .. Before that, Coconut Wrap a towel, and then slog.
There are many other, more insidious ways to open a coconut as it is thrown to the ground and explode an ax. Definitely not a good solution.
Two These methods, and will ensure that close there is any damage. In addition, the way you do not miss the delicious milk which is located inside the coconut.
Although coconut purchased as a whole is much more expensive than other fruits, which have many advantages. You can make coconut to be tastier than those bought in the store. with shell, you can give drinks, or fruit salads. First of all, coconut milk is sweeter, scent and contains no artificial additives.

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