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How to Eat Mangoes

How to Eat a Mango Mango Fruit certain Indian ginger tart flavor.

Indian Mango is a fruit with a specific, ginger tart flavor addition to the fact that in itself is a tasty snack, you can use it as a seafront addition of various fruit salad / u or embellishment u. Drinks . / u
u How to eat mango / u
You know that manga is in the middle of a large grain, which is difficult to remove. best solution will be when he bent mango Cut the potatoes and the like the slices do not attempt to remove the stone if the fruit is ripe rozgniecenia can lead to pulp
good way can be like eating mango kiwi you can cut it into four parts - the pits .... mindful - and wyjadańá meat with a spoon.
If you want seafront manga beautifully presented on the table / u is the perfect way to their habits. along the axis of the manga that is not part of the stone and the other with stones. Take the first part of no seeds. Put a piece of skin on the boat and odkrojony natnij meat into pieces, so you do not slice your skin. Then turn the whole piece out. uprising if a hedgehog with Precut cubes. Eat as his ankle after a sprain. second part of trimming around the stone. get stripes, which also natnij cubes. looks so nice mango you can bet on the table for consumption.
When choosing fruit, above all, pay attention to the skin. It should be firm, but also to give way under the pressure of the thumb. If you happen not to buy ripe mangoes end, simply leave them for several days at room temperature.

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