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How to make sushi at home

. How to make sushi at home sushi has recently become very popular and people are more prone to this delicacy

Recently, sushi has become very popular and people are more prone to this delicacy Few of us realize that they prepare at home is not so hard ..
b u from what we should start to prepare for good sushi / u / b From
buy basic products?
0.5 kg of rice - short grain, sticky - Rice Vinegar Soy sauce Wasabi bamboo mat - green Japanese horseradish thistles available in powder or in a tube - Nori - seaweed pressed leaves - Avocados raw fish - can be a different kind, but it tastes the best salmon and surimi crab sticks or - vegetables - peppers, fresh cucumber, chives -. sugar and salt / ul
b Cooking rice / b Rice u
/ u ready an hour before making sushi exact convex in clean cold water to the point where the water is not blurry Then, after carefully drained place it in a pot and pour water -. half cup of water in a cup of rice -. Cook until boiling and then for 10 minutes over low heat, cover cook, stirring occasionally.
u then start preparing the sauce / u. Call 7 tablespoons rice vinegar 1 tablespoon soy sauce and 3 tablespoons of plain sugar. Place over low heat stirring constantly. It is important for you not to bring the sauce to a boil. Active pour the rice and gently stir with a wooden spoon. Allow the rice to cool.
b Prepare ingredients / b is the time to start preparing the remaining ingredients. u raw fish / u, as you choose, cut into strips with a square by 1.5 cm. If you do not like raw fish can steaming or substitute smoked.
then cut u avocado / u in stripes. Remember that avocado was soft but not too soft. you chose u vegetables / u Also, wash them and cut into strips. If you choose fresh cucumber before you have to carefully hollow.
If you bought wasabi seafront / u powder, mix 2-3 tablespoons wasabi with a little water.
b Folding Roll / b When you have everything ready, go to the leading point, which is u rolls back / u. Before that, prepare a bowl of water for soaking your fingers. This can be useful.
u Nori leaves top coat can be achieved in a little water and beautiful curling.
u Finally rolls cut into small pieces / u - to eat at the same time - ..... Serve on wooden deseczkach to prevent sticking to the plate to give a bowl of soy sauce, wasabi and chopsticks can be consumed fingers
prepared sushi can seem difficult, in fact, this simple, but hard work fun. first time is always the hardest. Only with time have the experience and you will come experimented with different ingredients that you can use to make sushi.

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