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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


How to make puff pastry

How to make puff pastry u Prepare the dough should not be the easiest and quite labor intensive, but the end result is worth spending time and patience

u Prepare the dough should not be the easiest and quite labor intensive, but the end result is worth spending time and patience following recipe for the cake gourmet / u
seafront .. CAKE INGREDIENTS FRANCE: / u Home - about 1 kg of cake slices -
200 ml of cold water, 50 g butter - good quality -, 25 g flour - for example: wheat -, 15 g of coarse flour, 1 teaspoon salt / ul
u dough WAY. / u pour water into a cup, add salt and stir until dissolved, in a saucepan, over low heat melt with emotion 75 g of butter, two types pour the flour into a bowl, add salt water, melted butter and knead the dough, shape dough balls, flatten it by hand, wrap the stick movie and put in refrigerator 2 hours,. remaining butter cut into small pieces, put into a bowl and rub to a smooth mass .. grated butter to translate between two layers of film paper or baking food and then rolled a rectangle about 2 inches thick - can be thinner -. and put in the fridge, after 2 hours, remove the dough from the refrigerator pastry board with flour dust, put on the dough and roll shaft in one direction, from rool square cake about 2 inches thick - measures to be thicker than the middle of the cake spread the chilled butter, so that his horns were in the middle of the dough,. horns We combine the butter over the dough, making the envelope and clumping the dough so that the butter does not escape When rolling out dough, cake - with butter inside - rolled into a rectangle with a length three times greater than the width, so that rozwaƂkowane folded dough into three parts, forming. rectangle Put them in the refrigerator for 2 hours; .. After this time, remove the dough from the refrigerator, turn them 90 degrees, and then rolled the dough into a rectangle We give 3 parts and place in refrigerator for 2 hours So, rool and deliver the dough six times, each time you insert it in the fridge for 2 hours, after each cooling of the rolled dough on a floured pastry board does not cling, rool before baking dough to the thickness of about 5 mm - can be thinner - is a question of preference -; Bake 15 minutes at 250 degrees C.
seafront Additional Information: / u component, which plays an important role in preparing krupczatka pastry flour contains a large amount of gluten, which makes the dough is right. In addition, you can sprinkle with powdered sugar - at your discretion -.
u ENJOY! / U

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